How Multiple Sex Partners (MSP) Can Ruin Your Life?

When one is single, usually at most times they feel they can do whatever they wish to and whenever they want to! This also brings into the picture to have sex as many times they want to and with as many partners they like. Many prefer to have sexual relations with a single partner while there are many people who whether being single or not, prefer to have sex many times with as different people. Many feel it’s a privilege and fun that they are having. Yet having such promiscuous behavior can lead you towards some very hazardous health and mental ill-effects.

Even a sex specialist would agree with the fact that having sexual relations with multiple sex partners (MSP) can gain one feeling of happiness momentarily yet in the long run it will tarnish your overall wellbeing. Having multiple sexual partners does and never will bless you with a lifetime of happiness.

The greater numbers of partners you switch over to, the greater are the chances of you acquiring STD, AIDS, as well as several dangerous cancers such as oral, prostate, and cervical and several other lists of mental health hazards too.

With time you will start to acquire several issues related to sexual weakness. It ends up affecting both your mental and physical state in a highly detrimental manner. Hence such a matter must not be taken lightly. Be it for a man or a woman, it will be best to get steady with a single partner. Also, opting for safe sex is always beneficial in the present and long run, for both. Ensure that you stick to preventive measures especially in the case of women.

There are tons of disadvantages that come when one engages with multiple sex partners. A few of them have been listed below:

  • High risk of acquiring sexual diseases

The most prominent and evident point here is when you are open to multiple partners for intercourse; you also open the door by acquiring infectious diseases. Let’s break this down for a better understanding. When you are getting involved sexually with different men or women, you are getting highly prone to different kinds of illness that probably they too must be suffering from.

You will not care to inquire whether your partner has any disease or not, especially at a moment when you wish to get sexual with them. You will in fact, not care at all and want to plunge into the sac immediately. Many people acquire such diseases especially because they engage in sex with different partners when they are drunk. This is why they do not even think about opting for any kind of protective tools.

  • The psychological effect

You must never take the psychological effect that one has when they engage in a sexual act with different partners. It will inevitably hit you in a very bad way. It has led one towards psychological disorders and it gradually elongates into graver issues. The moment this happens, relationships with your present partner, family, and friends hit the rock. Everything gets jeopardized and crumbles down, hitting you hard mentally.

Dr. Satinder SinghHow Multiple Sex Partners (MSP) Can Ruin Your Life?

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