Male Sexual Disorders

Cure the Male Sexual Disorders with Ayurveda & Live a Happy Sex Life

Various male sexual disorders are responsible for unsatisfactory sex life. Ayurveda doctor and specialized sexologist Dr. Satinder Singh and his team at Empire Clinics have the reputation of helping more than 22000 people suffering from various sexual problems. Instead of trying the allopathic medicines, Dr. Singh put more emphasis in curing the disease naturally and by the ayurvedic medicines as well as diet.

The Common Male Sexual Disorders that we cure with Ayurveda

Erectile dysfunction

Various reasons are involved with the issue of erectile dysfunction (ED). It is said so when the man fails to initiate the erection or fails to maintain it until the climax during the intercourse. Often this issue hampers their normal conjugal relationship. Our doctors don’t believe ED to be a permanent problem. We at Empire Clinics have treated men of different age groups with the same issue and they are now living a satisfactory sex life. Anxiety, stress, chronic diseases and medication are mostly responsible for the physical setback.

Premature Ejaculation

Known as a growing problem among many men, premature ejaculation is a serious situation when men eject the sperm before the climax. If the partner is not that matured to understand the issue, things can get worst in conjugal or love relationships. If you’re suffering from the premature ejaculation (PE) for quite some time, it’s high time to consult an ayurveda doctor that can offer you proper medication and therapy to cure. At Empire Clinics, we boast on our record of curing many men suffering from this sexual disorder. Improper lifestyle, diet, stress and work pressure are responsible for such temporary sexual problems.

Lack of Libido

Usually, men are found to have interest in sex. But when they don’t, it’s a serious problem. With age, the sexual urges reduce but if the issue is found among comparatively younger men, it can turn into a serious trouble in their conjugal or love life. Lack of libido is responsible for other sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Sometimes other issues in the surroundings can also reduce the urge of intercourse.

Men suffering from the lack of libido need to have understanding partners and it’s their responsibility too to evoke the sexual urges in their partners. Ayurveda has various ingredients that are excellent in enhancing the libido. By visiting an expert ayurvedic doctor at Empire Clinics, you can get back the former urge that you had for women.

Stay away from stress, anxiety, personal problems and work related issues when in bed to enhance the libido which is normal. Often diabetics suffer from this issue for the side effects of the regular medicines they have to take.

Excessive masturbation

Masturbation is not a taboo anymore. In fact, doctors globally find it to be helpful for self-knowledge and to de-stress. But excessive masturbation can cause various troubles in men’s lives particularly, if they try doing this since puberty. Men can suffer from nausea, insomnia, headache, fatigue, excessive hair fall, leg pain and sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Visit us to cure any male sexual disorder with ayurveda and enjoy the normal sexual life.

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