Why Do We Not Discuss Sexual Health Openly In India

Why Do We Not Discuss Sexual Health Openly In India?

It is a tricky question because there is no concrete reason behind it. But I will still try to paint the picture that I find correct. There is no specific reason behind it, and I will have you look at the situation through my lens. Sit tight and give me your 5 to 6 minutes

How Watching Porn Can Destroy Your Domestic and Married Life

How Watching Porn Can Destroy Your Domestic/Married Life?

Modernization gave us multiple boons, but everything comes with the ability to become a curse. When asked, “What is a poison?” A wise man responded, “Excess of anything is poison.” This saying goes for everything, including today’s discussion topic: How Watching Porn Can Destroy Your Domestic/Married Life? Upon immense research, I found out that watching

How Plant-based Diet Boosts Libido and Blood Flow

How Plant-based Diet Boosts Libido and Blood Flow

Libido is the desire to get in action where blood flow helps you get through the process. For this reason, we will discuss how a plant-based diet boosts libido and blood flow in this article. To get our bodies to demand sex, healthy libido and good blood flow are significant. Reproduction is the third need

Causes of Early Ejaculation & Diagnose PE

Healthy sex life is important for a long and happy relationship. Every compatibility, including sexual ones, matters when it comes to maintaining a relationship. Anything that might hamper it should be pointed out and worked upon. One such issue in sex life is Early Ejaculation or Premature Ejaculation, shortened as PE. We will learn about


Early Ejaculation – Causes and Tips To Prevent It

What is Early Ejaculation? Also known as Premature Ejaculation (PE), Early Ejaculation is a problem where men finish after a minute or even before the intercourse. It is a common issue in 30% to 40% of men living in India so it is safe to say that there is no need to worry about it.


Erectile Dysfunction in Men – A Daily Routine to Prevent

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common problem in men after the age of 40. So before we even begin, we would like to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. You can fix this situation by simply following a daily routine to prevent erectile dysfunction in men. In the following article, we are


WHY is it so Hard to Talk about your Sexual Needs?

Sex is universal, yet we lack to talk about the desires! The reason for so many mental and physical dissatisfactions in human beings is the lack of discussion. Why is it so Hard to Talk about your Sexual Needs? It all began when the five years old innocent kid asked her parents, where do the

how technology creates modern age sexual problems in men and women

How Technology Creates Modern Age Sexual Problems?

Technology came into our lives to make things easier and faster, rather it gave us a reason to stay engaged for hours. This eventually did the opposite of what technology was created for: slowed things down because we got busy somewhere unproductive. Is it the same when it comes to sex? In this article, we


Daily routine that improves your sex drive

Sex Drive Extension, If you are looking for ways to improve your sex drive, then we are here to help you out with that. There are so many things that you can adapt in your daily routine that improves your sex drive. Before we begin, you need to understand that relaxation is the key. You


Can Cycling Be The Cause of Erectile Dysfunction Problem?

Cycling affects fitness. Staying fit and healthy is something on which we should never compromise. In fact, in the present day and time, people are encouraged to remain healthy and fitter. Aerobic fitness is highly recommended and hence cycling helps you burn a lot of calories. This not only helps in providing you healthy leg