FAQ for Female

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At Empire Clinics we offer the high-end sexual treatments for female of any age. We boast on the supervision of eminent Dr. Satinder Singh and his team of professional doctors that have cured more than 22000 patients so far suffering from various sexual problems. We are deeply satisfied in curing the patients and for helping them to enjoy a normal sex life. Our high-end ayurvedic and 100% natural infertility treatment has cured many women and men and helped them to have a child in just three months of treatments.

So, if you have any sexual problem that is hampering your peace of mind and jeopardizing your happy married life, Visit Empire Clinics. We are always happy to stand by your side and help you in curing any sexual problem you have.

Here are the Top FAQs by our Female Patients and Visitors—

FAQ For Female

It can be a matter of great anxiety and wonder for the first timers. But, they can have a good time if they are well aware of the proper methods to follow for a satisfactory sex. Though, it is no rocket science, but girls and boys are expected to be well aware of the protection, pregnancy and the facts about the sexually transmitted disease.

First time sex can make you pregnant if you didn’t have protection and the male partner have ejaculated inside your vagina.

Those who are not intending to get pregnant should use a condom while having sex. Women can opt for the pills or other ways of not conceiving stuff such as a women condom or a birth control device.

The Grafenberg spot or the G-spot is the most erotic zone in a woman’s body. During foreplay and intercourse, if the G-spot is hit several times, the woman can experience orgasm and she can eve ejaculate.

Foreplay is an interlude to sex. Nowadays, the sex experts are putting more emphasis on foreplay for improving the passionate bond between the two partners. Also, it is good women to get aroused. Lots of oral and teasing with toys can improve the sex experience. Different types of foreplay usher variety in the sex life instead of having the same mundane missionary daily.

Clitoris is a very sensitive female organ that interlocks most of the nerves. Therefore, teasing the spot during sex or masturbation helps in reaching the orgasm satisfactorily. Rubbing the clitoris is enjoyed by many men and it’s a part of foreplay done for the sexual arousal in women.

It is absolutely fine to have sex during menstruation cycle. If the partners are ready to experience it, it is safe. Previously, it was a taboo maintained for not having sex in periods. To avoid any sexually transmitted disease, it is better to take protection.

Bleeding after intercourse (post-coital bleeding in doctor talk) can occur for several reasons. Infection is one of the most common reasons. Abnormal cervical cells, including cancer, are also more easily irritated and may bleed with intercourse. Women who use an IUD or diaphragm may experience such bleeding from irritation and friction. Sometimes
the bleeding is not from the cervix, but rather from a tear in the vagina; tears can happen with vigorous sex or if you are dry.

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