Bedwetting / Nocturnal Enuresis

Bedwetting or Nocturnal Enuresis is a common pre-adolescent problem until the age of six but things can take a serious turn after that. This is the situation when the child urinates in the bed in the sleep unable to show any resistance. Various reasons are responsible for the trouble caused by the children as they urinate at night while sleeping. It can be both physiological and psychological.

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In Sanskrit, bed-wetting is known as shayya mootra (shayya means bed and mootra means urine). The century-old healing method ayurveda has innumerable medicines and therapies to cure shayya mootra. At Empire Clinics, your child suffering from bed-wetting can be taken care of as here we only cure the diseases with 100% ayurveda medicines.

Over the past few years, Empire Clinics have successfully cured diseases of many people of different ages. Whether it’s a case of a child’s bed-wetting or that of an adult, we ensure complete treatment under the constant directions of eminent ayurvedic specialist Dr. Satinder Singh and his team of experienced ayurvedic doctors.

Causes of Bed-wetting- Nocturnal Enuresis

When the urine is stored in the urinary bladder, a signal from the bladder is sent to the brain that activates the reticular system that wakes up the person to go and urinate. But those who tend to bed wet can suffer from any nervous problem that fails to receive the message from the brain.

Babies and children within 5-6 tend to urinate at night as their nervous system is not developed that much. As they start growing up, they also develop the nervous system that becomes capable of receiving the message from the brain to urinate.

Children’s produce more urine at night so they bladder often fail to carry the weight and pass the urine.

Intake of sweet food at night is also responsible for the issue.

Children that are not yet trained with toilet habits urinate in the bed at night.

Stress, mental trauma, fights of parents or other adults etc are responsible for nocturnal enuresis.

By visiting an Ayurvedic doctor at Empire clinics, this particular problem of your child can be treated permanently. We cure nocturnal enuresis with medicines of Shilajit, Hareetaki, Guggulu, Khadira, Shati, Haridra, Triphala choorna, Chandraprabha vati, black sesame seeds and celery seeds etc.

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Dr. Satinder SinghBedwetting / Nocturnal Enuresis