Control Your Blood Sugar Levels with Ayurvedic Medicines at Empire Clinics

Empire Clinics is your one stop shop for receiving the high-end ayurvedic treatment by our world-class ayurvedic doctors. We boast on the wide array of treatments and healing we offer and happily we can share the fact of curing thousands of patients suffering from terrible sexual disorders and chronic diseases such as gout or diabetes.

Empire Clinics’ Diabetic Treatment with 100% Ayurveda

When the body suffers from a chronic metabolic disorder like Diabetes Mellitus, it fails to utilize the glucose causing to hyperglycemia, the medical term of high blood sugar level. Diabetics have to undergo a stringent diet where they have to avoid the sweetened products and especially the vegetable that grows beneath the ground such as potato, beet, carrots roots etc. They also have to avoid the intake of sweets or any kind of food with high sugar levels. Diabetics also have to maintain their insulin levels by proper diagnosis and medication. Sometimes they have to inject insulin at a regular interval to normalize the insulin level in their blood.

Here at Empire Clinics, our ayurvedic doctors are well versed in controlling diabetes with high-end ayurvedic medicines that have been followed by the grand masters over the centuries. Apart from medicines, we also offer various therapies and share a proper diet chart that will help you to control your blood sugar levels without taking the insulin daily or having the allopathic drugs daily.

What are the symptoms of Diabetes?

• Frequent infections in urinary tracks
• Drastic weight loss sometimes weight gain too (though it’s rare)
• Blurred vision (caused by glaucoma that is increased with diabetes)
• Dehydration
• Frequent need of urination
• Excessive hunger
• Fatigue
• Excessive sweating
• Losing of temperament
• Overall uncomfortable feeling

The Ayurvedic view of Diabetes and Cure

In Ayurveda, diabetes is called as Madhumeha (Madhu- Honey and Meha- Urine). According to ayurveda, Madhumeha is categorized as Vataj Meha which is a problem caused by the aggravation of wind and dryness. Vital body organs are affected by diabetes. It affects the digestive system and the overall immunity system of the human body.

We at Empire Clinics follow the rules of Ayurveda for treating diabetes. We consider it not to be a disease that can be cured only with medication rather it should be controlled by the useful diet. Madhumeha causes serious trouble in the normal sexual life, lack of libido, impotency, joint pain, urological and nephrology issues. We also offer the latest ayurvedic medicines in pills and power forms that will help you in balancing the increasing blood sugar level in the body.

Our diabetic patients have successfully controlled the increasing sugar level in blood by following the proper diet mentioned by our ayurvedic doctors and with the help of the advanced medication prescribed.

If you’ve the patience to cure the disease and control it so that in future, diabetes may not cause a huge trouble to you, you must visit Empire Clinics. Call us now for the next appointment and control your diabetes with 100% natural medicines. We can guarantee you zero side effects.

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