How Multiple Sex Partners (MSP) Can Ruin Your Life?

When one is single, usually at most times they feel they can do whatever they wish to and whenever they want to! This also brings into the picture to have sex as many times they want to and with as many partners they like. Many prefer to have sexual relations with a single partner while


The Hidden Killer: Urea and its Bad Effects

Nitrogen fertilizer is popular with a different name as Urea. In India, during the green revolution, the use of fertilizer increased. It is not that we Indians were not using fertilizer but that was manure or ash. Before the green revolution, India was facing a shortage of food. More or less after the second world

how when and what to express in a sex talk

How, When and What to Express in a Sex Talk

Are you frank enough about talking sex?  It is a bold topic for everyone. People who are open about this stuff are perceived as vulgar and a bad company that should be avoided. Now, it is well established that sexual intercourse or sex talk is the founding stone for having babies.  How you can become

defy loneliness by having friends

Defy Loneliness By Having Friends

What is the state of loneliness?  To really understand the term, you have to reach out  to the heart of the problem. You are lonely because you are alone. Being alone is not the  feeling we are talking about. It hits you when you think that there is no one in this world to care  for you. Are you

Tips To Stay Healthy Post Marriage

After your wedding is over and you are back to your normal activities, you have to literally get back to your normal working state. The fun is over, and everything went superbly, as planned. However if you noticed, after everything’s ended, you start feeling lazy. It takes a lot much time for you to wake

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Aspects Men Over 40 Must Be Careful About

Staying healthy will keep you fit and vigorous. Men over 40 should learn to stay fit and healthy by taking nutritious food. Men are more prone to diabetes than women. They love to drink, smoke and get fat faster. You should avoid smoking and drinking as these habits are not good and it affects your

Signs to ensure you are with the right one

Some Productive Points to Prepare Before Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is meant to be enjoyed in full. If you fail to keep up with a good health then all the charm and glamour of your honeymoon will be ruined. Certainly, you do want to have the most excellent and thrilling honeymoon. Hence, to achieve that you need a bit of preparation. To have an

Monetary issues in relationship

Ways to Feel Closer To Each Other Even In Long Distance Relationships

Any relationship or marriage needs a strong foundation. Its prime factor to grow beautifully is intimacy. One needs to have understanding and have deep knowledge about their better half. This would typically come when you both spend quality time with each other. This is why a sexologist would ask a couple to spend a lot

Calm Your Anxiety level

Is Sex The Only Requirement When It Comes To Keeping Couples Bonded?

When it comes to a lasting and enduring relationship, is it sex that only matters? Even though a few people may agree on that point, yet when it comes to viewing the whole picture, things are a bit complicated. Let us now a deeper look about this matter and get to know things better. There


Improve Your Sex Life after Having Kids

Sexual intimacy has a crucial role in the success of a marriage. It is this intimacy that helps in creating passion and romance. It’s something that strengthens your relationship beyond anything and also keeps you interested in the relationship itself. However, things change with almost every couple when they have kids. In fact, couples can