How Technology Creates Modern Age Sexual Problems?

Technology came into our lives to make things easier and faster, rather it gave us a reason to stay engaged for hours. This eventually did the opposite of what technology was created for: slowed things down because we got busy somewhere unproductive.

Is it the same when it comes to sex?

In this article, we shall discuss how technology creates modern age sexual problems in men and women?

Wireless: Boon or Curse?

Studies have proven a fact that is going to sound scary as anything. Wireless devices such as laptops and phones send out radiation which is responsible for reducing the quality of your sperm.

And more than often, laptops are always sitting on our lap very close to our tertials. This can leave problems in your coming generation as the sperm does not remain as healthy as it used to be before.

Good Sleep, Good Life

We all have read that sleep is one of the most important factors to improve your sex life in ‘daily routine that improves your sex drive’.

However, screen time has been directly related to insomnia which is a medical term for not being able to get a sound sleep.

If good sleep can improve your sex life then bad sleep is definitely going to affect your sex life because lack of sleep and low sex drive are linked.

Medically speaking, lack of sleep also reduces your testosterone level irrespective of your gender.

Mobile Phone Equation

Phone radiations can specifically decrease the serum testosterone levels in your body which is the most important hormone for better sexual experience. So if putting it lamely, more screen time is equal to poor sexual experience.

Not only that, researchers have proved that men using mobile phones for more than 4 hours a day are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

Is that all screen time does?

Well, not really. Imagine the scenario where you are using your mobile phone when your partner might be trying to get you between the sheets.
The only signal that you passed to your partner is that your mobile phone is more exciting than her or him which eventually results in poor sexual dynamics.

In addition, exercise that leads to many health problems including weight gain, high cholesterol and more. These problems are also directly related to low sex drive and poor sexual experiences.

How to fix it?

However, you can easily get these problems resolved by following some really simple tricks which are mentioned below:

● Make a schedule for your daily routine which should include time for everything, even screen time which will help you monitor your screen usage eventually eliminating the problems that come with it.
● Make a rule of not using your mobile phone in bed so that you never miss a signal from your partner.
● Adapt onto some hobbies that can replace your time that you spend staring at your screen with something productive.
● Make time to have a conversation with your partner before you jump into bed which shall make things super exciting for both of you.

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