Daily routine that improves your sex drive

Sex Drive Extension, If you are looking for ways to improve your sex drive, then we are here to help you out with that. There are so many things that you can adapt in your daily routine that improves your sex drive. Before we begin, you need to understand that relaxation is the key. You should be completely relaxed whether it is mentally or physically. The following suggestions will help you reach that point of relaxation where you will have a daily routine that improves your sex drive.

Get in the zone

It is really important to get in the mood rather than straight away pouncing in the bed. To do that, a clear
schedule and some time to relax before sex will help improve your experience. You can plan a sweet dinner date with your partner or have a glass of wine over some conversations that interest you both.

Thoughts are important

Not just a clear schedule but a clear mind is also important. When you think about having a pleasurable time with your partner you better keep all the undone chores out of your mind and stay in the moment. You can practice meditation to have better control over your thoughts which will help your overall mental health also. These things are really important if you wish learn how to increase sex time without medicine.


We have always been told to exercise regularly to improve the quality of our life which stays true for our sex life too. So, if you are not working out outside your bedroom, you better start it right away to make things smoother in the bedroom. A small jogging session in the morning followed by some cardio can do the job. Also, you both can do this together to add into your quality time.

Sound Sleep

Although we need to sacrifice our sleep to get the pleasure, there will be no pleasure without sound sleep. It is highly advised that you should have a fixed schedule for your sleep which stays undisturbed all the time. If your body will be completely relaxed then the path between you and your sex drive remains obstacles free.


Well there is exercise and there is yoga! You might assume that both of these things are almost the same but it ain’t true. Yoga will not only help you increase your sex drive but there is going to be a significant growth in your focus, flexibility and swiftness. All of these things are going to undoubtedly add together to make your sex life so much better.


We have often heard that you become what you eat so why not fix it for once and for all. Having a healthy diet will help you get into a better shape and energy level which is ultimately going to reflect when you are trying those moves you have always wanted

Quit Smoking

Nicotine in cigarettes does not want you to enjoy the wonders of this world. Yes I am talking about orgasm. If you are the chimney of your relationship you need to put it out so that there can be more liquids and less smoke.

Self Love

You must be wondering what this term is doing in the article where we are talking about sex. So, the thing is, playing with yourself is surely going to increase sex drive in females. The more you get the more you want so why not do the favor for ourselves.

We hope you are able to add these things in your daily routine and there is a significant difference in your sex life. Well, it is not just about better sex but how good sex can improve your relationship. So, improve your sex life and improve your relationship which is ultimately the key to a better life.

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