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Why we should consult sexologists for a healthy sexual life

What are sexologists? Sexologists are also doctors. They are specialized in the science of the sexes. They are equipped with the knowledge of sexual health, behavior, interests, and disorders. These are linked with various psychological, physical, social and biological factors of life.   How can people remain healthy and sexually fit? Things that come to


Improve Your Sex Life after Having Kids

Sexual intimacy has a crucial role in the success of a marriage. It is this intimacy that helps in creating passion and romance. It’s something that strengthens your relationship beyond anything and also keeps you interested in the relationship itself. However, things change with almost every couple when they have kids. In fact, couples can

Penis Enlargement and its myths

How much size matter when you truly love someone? Is Size of penis bothering you then you are not alone to having such thought. There are many men who are not happy with their length and girth. To get a bigger penis is big concern for many men than performance in bed. They consider big