It Is Time You Get Over Your Ex

There are so many people out there who have gone through a breakup months back probably a year or more has passed by too. But they find it quite difficult to move on or stop remembering the good old days which are no more!

There are people who simply cannot move ahead and find it tough to recover from a severe heartbreak. Even if it’s that very same person who broke your heart or ditched you, you feel it’s not in your hands to let go of that toxic relationship from your mind.

You might also go through the pictures and texts so that you can get a brief taste of what your world felt like, when you were with your ex. The world does not matter to you anymore. Everything feels worthwhile. If you too find yourself addicted to your ex you need to work out on ways which will help you break this addiction. Heartbreak is a drug and breaking free from it might get tougher and tougher for so many people.

You have to understand this that you need to start to resists the pressure. You have to work on yourself and find out ways by which you can manage these feeling from getting intense. We have listed below a few important points which one must ensure to read and apply because getting over their ex is crucial for their mental and physical health.

You should go cold turkey

At least for a temporary moment, you have to get rid of all the contact points which link you to your ex. This means you need to delete their pictures and their number from your phone. You have to block their social media account. If need be delete or copy the pictures or videos to a place where you would least access.

Utilize mindfulness to drive away cravings

If you have been there you will know that cravings start to come in waves. Start trying to mediate, do some breathing and try to get rid of the wave, the moment you feel the rush to reach out to your ex. Thus, when you start to follow this process, the feeling will start to subside gradually. The peak intense moments will usually evade in a matter of a few minutes. You need to however keep practicing this whenever you feel the need to contact your ex.

Start to sidetrack your mind

You have to stay busy. Your goal here is to fill your mind with whatever that you can. This way there would be only a few openings for your ex to enter into your thought process. Since we cannot ask ourselves to not think about someone or a certain thing, what we can do is work towards keeping it busy. Thus engage it with whatever way you find it best to do.

The cravings get stronger with slips

You have to stay as disciplined as you can. Always stay cautious of the fact that f you go through the happy videos and pictures of your ex and the time you both spent together, will end up intensifying the craving.

Reframing what your ex actually means to you now

Back when you were with your ex, he or she was the source of your security, happiness and stability. However it was ‘then’ and not now! Understand that all that you get now from them is emotional pain and this needs to break.

This would take some time, however you need to stay strong and keep trying. Stay determined and you shall get over this phase, when you start trying and working on yourself. Understand your time and worth and you shall win!

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