Men below 30 May Encounter Issues of Low Testosterone, Look for Such Signs

Testosterone plays a vital role in boosting the sexual desire. Generally, older and middle-aged men suffer from low testosterone, but men below 30 may also suffer from low testosterone.

Testosterone level is at its peak during adolescence and at adulthood age for men but the level starts declining 1% every year after 30 years. It has been discovered that in some cases the testosterone level may decline at a younger age too. Declining testosterone level is a medical condition if your body cannot produce hormone testosterone enough. Both male and female produce testosterone, but men produce more male hormone or testosterone than women.

Declining in the level of testosterone causes infertility, erectile dysfunction, balding, loss of muscle mass and gaining fat. If you suffer from low testosterone level then it is better to consult your doctor. Decline in testosterone level can be caused due to unhealthy lifestyle or by some medical treatment which the person maybe undergoing. Consult your doctor and he will be able to help you.

The signs of low testosterone include erectile dysfunction, unable to maintain the erection, the penis becoming soft quickly, decreased sexual activity, decreased libido, infertility, faster hair loss, reduction in mass muscle, increase in body fat, enlargement of breasts, disturbance in sleep, feeling fatigue persistently, depression and brain fog. Your doctor can help you to cure these symptoms medically or by advising you to change your lifestyle. He will suggest you the best treatment plan. Take the help of your doctor and do not feel ashamed. You are not the only one who is suffering from low testosterone problem.

There are certain factors which causes low testosterone problem in young men. This problem is less common in younger men under 30. Younger men suffer from low testosterone due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, due to obesity, using prohibited drugs, consuming or drinking excess alcohol and by using anabolic steroids. Low testosterone can happen to younger men due to pituitary diseases, tumors, injuries which has affected the testicles and by inherited diseases. This problem can also arise due to diabetes, AIDS, liver disease or due to cancer.

If you suspect that you are suffering from low testosterone immediately consult your doctor. Your doctor will do your blood test and find out the testosterone level. If your testosterone level is lower than the normal level then he may recommend you some more medical tests. He will treat you as per your diagnosis and may advice you to change your lifestyle. He may even recommend you testosterone replacement therapy.

Do not take medicines without consulting your doctor including testosterone replacement therapy and supplements. Testosterone therapy might increase the danger of heart attack for men who are suffering from heart disease. Your doctor can help you efficiently to overcome this problem. He is an expert and he knows the potential benefits and dangers of various medical treatment options. It is advisable that you should play safe and should not do anything which might harm you permanently.

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