Do Not Let Monetary Issues Spoil Your Relationship

Even though love can make your world go round, when there are disagreements over monetary issues, it may tarnish the best of relationships.

As per reports, 7 out of 10 couples do report about straining their relationship due to monetary issues. This is one of the reasons why there are so many couples, who try to keep away from financial matters and discussion, especially at the start of a relationship. This is why it has been advised by experts to start talking about monetary issues with your partner. If you keep ignoring it, it may end up causing more strain to your relationship.


But what is the right way or manner to discuss monetary issues with your partner without damaging your beautiful relationship with one another? You could follow a few of the tips that have been mentioned below:


Ensure that the core issue is actually related to money

Many times, when disagreements about money take place, a very little actually has to do with money actually. There are more critical issues involved such as self-esteem, controlling, love and security issues, or others. This is why make sure that you think carefully before you initiate the discussion. Make sure that you are first honest with yourself and think how exactly you feel about money. Do ask questions like how your parents deal with such issues would, how you spent in the past and the things you did in your past relationship regarding financial issues. Money is actually the tangible bit of the relationship. This is why it would be quite easy to get emotionally pulled into it.


The time to talk about money must be neutral

Usually, couples do not easily talk about money. If you have a new partner, you need to be more cautious and relaxed during the discussion. Try to talk about ways by which you both could handle the issue. In case you have issues about the way your new partner is spending money, or about their financial decisions, do express about such points carefully and in a composed way.

Always remember that not everyone would be comfortable discussing monetary issues at the start of a relationship. You need to be persistent but also patient. If you try to talk about it repeatedly, yet your partner seems to be defensive, then mark this as a red flag. This means, your partner would not feel comfortable talking about other issues with you quite honestly.


It’s necessary to even understand from your partner’s point of view

As per research, it has been found out that men and women think differently when it comes to money. Women do sense money as a sign of stability and they feel secure about it. This is why they like to save it for emergencies. They also get highly stressed when financial issues arise. On the other hand, men are more willing to take risks when it comes to money. They also figure it out as a threat to their self-esteem. This is why you have to ensure that you do understand points from the perspective of your partner too.

It is normal to not agree with your partner on certain grounds. However, make sure that you do not forget to move towards your goal as couples.

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