How Multiple Sex Partners (MSP) Can Ruin Your Life?

When one is single, usually at most times they feel they can do whatever they wish to and whenever they want to! This also brings into the picture to have sex as many times they want to and with as many partners they like. Many prefer to have sexual relations with a single partner while

how when and what to express in a sex talk

How, When and What to Express in a Sex Talk

Are you frank enough about talking sex?  It is a bold topic for everyone. People who are open about this stuff are perceived as vulgar and a bad company that should be avoided. Now, it is well established that sexual intercourse or sex talk is the founding stone for having babies.  How you can become

How to help a Sexless Marriage

How to help a Sexless Marriage Problems

Now a days, it is quite often men or women have low libido issues. Cause of the issue can be anything like stress, depression, over work, environment, hectic life style or lack of exercises. Due to such issues, they loose desires and jump into sexless marriage issues. Talk with your partner Communicating and opening up

defy loneliness by having friends

Defy Loneliness By Having Friends

What is the state of loneliness?  To really understand the term, you have to reach out  to the heart of the problem. You are lonely because you are alone. Being alone is not the  feeling we are talking about. It hits you when you think that there is no one in this world to care  for you. Are you

Signs to ensure you are with the right one

Think About These Signs to Ensure You Are With the Right One

You need to ensure that your relationship is maintained and it must last forever. Therefore, you must lookout for the signs to ensure that you are with the right one. Try to balance out your attachment feelings for your partner. There are some signs which will indicate and ensure yourself that your partner is right

Respect is vital in a healthy relationship

Why Respect Is Considered A Vital Factor To Continue A Healthy Relationship?

Let’s start with the simple question, that is, why do people get into a relationship or choose to be with each other? The most rational answer would obviously be, ‘love’. But when you start living together as a couple, there are so many things you start to discover about the other person. Apart from love,

Monetary issues in relationship

Do Not Let Monetary Issues Spoil Your Relationship

Even though love can make your world go round, when there are disagreements over monetary issues, it may tarnish the best of relationships. As per reports, 7 out of 10 couples do report about straining their relationship due to monetary issues. This is one of the reasons why there are so many couples, who try

It Is Time You Get Over Your Ex

There are so many people out there who have gone through a breakup months back probably a year or more has passed by too. But they find it quite difficult to move on or stop remembering the good old days which are no more! There are people who simply cannot move ahead and find it

Respect is vital in a healthy relationship

Some Very Unhealthy Relationship Patterns You Need To Keep Away From

You may feel content and happy from within, thinking you have finally met your dream man or your dream woman. In fact for the first few months, you may even start envisaging about a healthy and long term relationship goals with your partner. However, if you want this feeling or connection to last for a

Some Essential Things You Were Not Aware of Pregnancy and Intercourse

Who knew that pregnancy would bring a whole bunch of changes to a couple’s life? Indeed it makes you both undergo a variety of dynamics and you both get ready for the arrival of the bundle of joy. These days you can come across what different kinds of pregnancy symptoms are and ways you could