Know about Ageing and Sexual Health

Do Not Let Stress Interfere With Your Relationship

You spend more than eight hours at your workplace. You need to tackle strict deadlines, ensure that the needs of your clients, customers and colleagues are met in the best possible way. This makes clear sense that when you return home at the end of the day you have tons of frustration and craziness to

Signs to ensure you are with the right one

Tips to Enjoy your Honeymoon

Every newlywed couple wants to enjoy a fabulous, enjoyable and obviously a romantic honeymoon. It does not mean you need to spend time with your husband. All that it means is that, you want to spend quality and make the best of memories during this phase. So if you are here, only to find out

Calm Your Anxiety level

The Importance of Emotional Connection in a Relationship

Emotional connection is the understanding and knowledge that your partner has about you. This way through your personal signs and signals your partner will turn to you as and when you need him or her. When you are emotionally connected you feel a sense of closeness to another person. When we are emotionally connected we

Respect: An Important Factor in a Healthy Relationship

When two people treat one another with respect, they make each other happy. It’s the sign of a good and healthy relationship. Respect is prior to any relationship. Respect strengthens the connection between people in a relationship. We can say that a successful relationship is one in which both parties respect each other. Respect begins

Benefits of Texting in a Relationship

Technology is more important to relationship formation than it was previously. Texting has become a part of our daily life. People use text to keep in touch with family, communicate with friends and talk to significant others. Before texting existed relationship was started by meeting in a social setting, growing up together, getting a cup

Pornography and How It Does Affect One’s Relationship

There is lots of porn websites available in the internet and specially men loves to see these sites. There are people who post videos and images for the viewers and they are all free of cost. There is even dating sites in the social media. Those interested in such images and videos use them to

Respect is vital in a healthy relationship

Relationship Advices Men Should Heed Attention To

To maintain a good marital relationship with your spouse, it is very necessary that you should possess a good rational understanding regarding your spouse. It is a proven fact that men and women are very much different due to dissimilar hormones. To top it, women are very possessive regarding their rights. Hence, it is very

Improve low sexual desire

Some Great Tips to Make Your Sex Life Thrilling and Ever So Exciting

Different couples love doing differently. What clicks with one couple, need not necessarily click with others too. There are some great sex positions that you could definite try inside your bedroom and explore some great thrilling your relationship. When it comes to accomplishing gratifying and stimulating sex, you have to have the right communication, timing

Keep away from stress and anxiety

Why Should You Stay Away From Multiple Sex Partners?

Sex is a natural instinct which both human beings and animals have. Having sex with your married partner is most natural, but having sex with multiple sex partners is dangerous. There are many dangers related to sex with several sexual partners. The most common is serious sexual diseases and pregnancy. Some people assume that maintaining

Improve low sexual desire

Vital Tips You Need To Follow, To Stay Healthy On Your Honeymoon

Wedding planning is a stressful thing and one needs to get properly recharged after the wedding. This is why honeymoon is planned after the marriage. It is not possible to follow your diet routine strictly on your honeymoon but you need to balance it even on your honeymoon. Everyone has some honeymoon desires in their