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Infidelity and sex life

Infidelity and sex life

What is infidelity? Why do people cheat? Why do happy people cheat? Is an extramarital affair an end of life? Fidelity is the faithfulness for a person through the highest degree of loyalty and continuing support. However, infidelity is the exact opposite. This is an offense through which two soul mates are shattered. They are

Healthy sexual life

Exhaust yourself for a healthy sexual life

Are you leading a healthy sexual life or need a sexologist help? Are you in shape? Getting in shape will drastically improve your libido and it ensures perfect overall health. Are you becoming boring in bed? We unravel in front of you the secret behind complete satisfaction in your love life! Being fitter and leaner is the mantra

Sex Education

Sex Education: A TABOO!

Sex Education Sex Education is the process of imparting knowledge about the science of sexual intercourse between humans. It is also first-hand authentic information regarding sexual awareness. It is not only about personal hygiene but also a health education for the masses so that they can lead a healthy life by being sexually aware of their

Ways by Which You Can Fulfill a Great Sexual Life with Your Partner

Probably you do not remember when was the last time you had a thrilling experience with your partner in bed. Not much time back, you would actually have an arousing and ecstasy filled times with your partner in bed. But sadly, with the passage of time, you are noticing that your sex life is turning

Safe to have intercourse when you are pregnant

Why Is The Need of Foreplay So Important For A Couple?

Harmonious marriage relationship is very important between married couples. This can be achieved due to mutual understanding and agreement. Sex plays an important role in uniting the couples. Lack of sexual desires and incompetent sex drive can ruin marriage relationships. To steer away from lack of desires, try to enhance activities such as foreplay with


Male Infertility and Signs You Need To Be Aware Of

Most often the issue of infertility revolves around a lady. There are so many people who assume that it would in most case be the fault of a woman, right? But this is not right! If you have a word with a sexologist then you will get more than surprised to know that there are


How Communication helps to Have Better Intimacy

Intimacy in a love liaison of a marriage is inevitable to take the relationship a step ahead. A husband and a wife in a conjugal relationship are expected to share psychological as well as physiological intimacy to strengthen the bond of their union. According to research and studies, it has been found that the relationship

sexual life

How to live a healthy Sexual Life after Marriage

Even after years of marriage you and your partner must try to maintain a fabulous and healthy sexual life. It is essential in any nuptial relationship when both the partners feel the same attraction or each other even after having kids. If necessary, they can consult counselors or visit a reputed sexologist that can ensure

Lifestyle Changes That You Ought to Make for Better Sex Life

No one wants to get spent sooner while having great time in bed. In order to increase sexual stamina,  people try all possible tactics – from watching provocative movies to taking Viagra pills – but the truth is that the secret of fabulous performance in bed lies in way simpler things. There are certain routine