Some Very Unhealthy Relationship Patterns You Need To Keep Away From

You may feel content and happy from within, thinking you have finally met your dream man or your dream woman. In fact for the first few months, you may even start envisaging about a healthy and long term relationship goals with your partner. However, if you want this feeling or connection to last for a long time, you need to ensure that you work on certain factors. There are certain things one should avoid or if possible keep it to the minimal.

Below we have mentioned about the most common mistakes that people usually make when they are in a relationship.

Getting to dependent on your partner

You have to make sure that you nurture your relationship. It will never flourish if it is left all on its own. One of the most important things you need to prioritize in life is you’re your relationship. Hence never take it lightly. But again, it of course should not be your whole life. If you feel that you are quite reluctant to indulge in plans where your partner’s presence is not much required then you probably are paying a lot of weight on your relationship. Also if you notice that there are a few things which your partner enjoys doing alone, let him or her do so. Not allowing them to do so or simply refusing or failing to respect their need to spend some lone time, will turn out being bad for your relationship. Remember, you need space and should give space to your partner too, as and when required.

Being a tad bit more independent than required

Even though making your life and activities revolve around your relationship is not a good sign, it would be bad if you cannot make compromises for it. You gradually start to restrict the freedom of your partner, when you demand that things only happen the way you want.

Compromising is one factor which will let your relationship bloom. However there sure are a few areas where that must never get compromised. If one of you wants a child while the other does not, then it could be something that would be non-negotiable. But in most of the areas you simply cannot have things out the way you want always. If your food preferences are not the same, then once in a while you should compromise. The very same thing is necessary when it comes to making decision. Even though a few decisions would only need your opinion, others should be made together with your partner and considering their opinion too.

Never ready to make sacrifices

When you are in a relationship, it is inevitable that sometime or the other you need to sacrifice a few things here and there. You cannot live your single life yet want to enjoy the perks of a committed, long term relationship.

As a couple, there are differences that will arise. However you need to settle down on reasonable terms. You need to ensure that you both satisfy each other’s wishes, even though at times one of you might have to sacrifice theirs. Sometimes you might not feel good about giving up on part of your autonomy, but your partner will remember this and this would help your bond to get stronger. It’s tough for relationships to last or thrive if one of the partners is never willing to sacrifice their preference or desires.

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