Some Essential Things You Were Not Aware of Pregnancy and Intercourse

Who knew that pregnancy would bring a whole bunch of changes to a couple’s life? Indeed it makes you both undergo a variety of dynamics and you both get ready for the arrival of the bundle of joy.

These days you can come across what different kinds of pregnancy symptoms are and ways you could effectively handle them. All thanks to the internet for making life easy for so many of us. You get to understand and learn about lifestyle changes that one should bring when they are pregnant through innumerable number of websites. However, have you ever wondered what happens to the intercourse area? The changes it brings and would it harm the baby? You sure must be having tons of questions running up your mind. This is why read below some crucial points which are necessary for expectant mothers and hot to deal with intimacy and passion during this phase.

You can have your intimate time with your better half without any harm

Usually women who are pregnant do not want to opt for intercourse as they think that their baby inside the uterus might get harmed during this course. But there is just no need for you to make any kind of changes in your intimate life. Only do so if your specialist advises you to do so or in case you have any particular medical condition.

Know that intercourse movement in no ways would harm your baby. However it is advised by several doctors to avoid penetration especially in final weeks of pregnancy. It is believed that the hormones that are present in the semen could end up invigorating contractions.

Does it affect the libido of a woman?

You need to understand that pregnancy for every woman is not the same. Due to changes in the hormones a few may even feel low desire for intercourse.

It is said that the first few months of pregnancy can be quite a stressful and irritable time for most of the women. However in the second trimester usually, the libido returns back to its normal state. This is because the symptoms which a lady feels in the first month starts to disappear. Thus, she starts to feel active again.

Pregnancy may affect the intimate drive of the father too

Usually partners want their wife and baby to stay safe and not get hurt, in any way possible. This is why they tend to get a little uncomfortable when it comes to getting intimate. On the other hand, your partner might even feel that you look more attractive since you get curvier as days proceed.

Make sure that you do have a word with your partner. There are other ways by which you both can enjoy rather than taking the course of intercourse.

Avoid positions which might make pregnancy intercourse uncomfortable

Since your belly starts to interfere during penetration, this position may end up getting awkward for you both. There are other positions which a couple might go ahead and try at the stage of pregnancy.

You could go oral during pregnancy, But…

When your third trimester commences, make sure that you keep away from the oral course, altogether. It is possible that your partner might have had oral herpes. However usually oral course works fine with partners during pregnancy. But it would be good for your partner to not release the semen inside your genital area. This is because it may end up causing air embolism. This is quite dangerous both for the baby and for you.

Make sure that you do communicate with your partner. This is important for both of you to understand and then proceed keeping in mind what’s working best for you both, especially when a woman is pregnant.


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