Can Your Marriage Deal With The Menopause Phase?

For several women around the world menopause comes out as a very serious offender. This turns out being tough especially on those women who still wish to enjoy their intimate moments with their partner. The decline of intimacy because of menopause does affect so many women. In fact, so many women start to think whether there is anything that could be done to lighten the burden of the decrease in passion.

Women today do not have to worry or stop their fire and passion with their partners only because they have been hit by the menopause stage. There are several things a woman can do and enjoy intimacy even later in their lives. There are so many solutions and treatments available which has been successful in satisfying their intimate needs. Hence, you do not have to worry about your intimacy being hit by a rock, even though you’ve reached a certain age.

Take help from femilift

Femilift can come out as a great help to women who are depressing over menopause. One very common issue that women with menopause undergo is vaginal drying. But there is a way to lubricate this area. You can do it through the process of Femilift. This comes out being an innovative vaginal rejuvenation process which helps to ease this feminine issue.

Femilift and the way in which it works

In this particular process Alma CO2 laser is applied where thermal energy is applied to the vaginal canal. This way vaginal mucosa revitalization starts to take place which helps to build a tightening and lubricating process. You need not worry about this procedure since it is easy, quick and painless.

The benefits of this procedure is that it can your pelvic muscles to gain much better control and feel invigorated in the vaginal area. It helps to revitalize ones sense of intimacy too. Hence you do not anymore need to worry about your decline or fall in intimacy because of menopause.

Follow the doctor’s instructions

Make sure that you follow the list of instructions that your doctor has asked you to do. Post the treatment, you would be asked to wait at least for four days before you can get close with your partner again.

Use a lubricant

This treatment will provide your body to proceed with the natural way of lubricating. However it is also recommended to use a lube. This would ensure that you do not have to undergo any pain or have to feel dry or rough. Make sure that you keep some next to your bed. Use it when you are all set for the perfect moment.

It’s good to be open and communicate with your partner

When you get intimate with your partner, make sure that you enjoy it too. If you feel that any position, the speed or even any particular movement makes you uneasy, then you need to communicate. Your partner would want you to feel relaxed and for this you need to be open with him. This would eventually ensure that you both have a great time together.

Get set with a few exercises

If you want to get a bit more confidence, then include a few exercise sessions into your routine. If need be, take a walk everyday together. Not only will this be great post the treatment, but you would also notice an improvement in your health. You will feel quite attractive again and attract the attention of your partner too.

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