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How Multiple Sex Partners (MSP) Can Ruin Your Life?

When one is single, usually at most times they feel they can do whatever they wish to and whenever they want to! This also brings into the picture to have sex as many times they want to and with as many partners they like. Many prefer to have sexual relations with a single partner while


How, as a partner, you can help each other during infertility treatment?

We all go through the syndrome of not getting married. My perspective of marriage is when we meet the right person, the perception changes, towards marriage. There could be a different reason for different people to tie the knot. After marriage, the next thing that comes to mind is to start a family. Married couples

How to help a Sexless Marriage

How to help a Sexless Marriage Problems

Now a days, it is quite often men or women have low libido issues. Cause of the issue can be anything like stress, depression, over work, environment, hectic life style or lack of exercises. Due to such issues, they loose desires and jump into sexless marriage issues. Talk with your partner Communicating and opening up

Can Your Marriage Deal With The Menopause Phase?

For several women around the world menopause comes out as a very serious offender. This turns out being tough especially on those women who still wish to enjoy their intimate moments with their partner. The decline of intimacy because of menopause does affect so many women. In fact, so many women start to think whether

Calm Your Anxiety level

The Importance of Emotional Connection in a Relationship

Emotional connection is the understanding and knowledge that your partner has about you. This way through your personal signs and signals your partner will turn to you as and when you need him or her. When you are emotionally connected you feel a sense of closeness to another person. When we are emotionally connected we

Successful marriage life

Yoga and How It Beautifully Boosts Your Sex Life

In most cases, people usually fixate a particular kind of mental image when one talks about sex and yoga together. Most of the times, when people hear about yoga sutra the first thing that they link it to are Kama Sutra. This is because they straight away think about the story of Orgasmic Meditation (OM)

Pornography and How It Does Affect One’s Relationship

There is lots of porn websites available in the internet and specially men loves to see these sites. There are people who post videos and images for the viewers and they are all free of cost. There is even dating sites in the social media. Those interested in such images and videos use them to

Things You Need To Consider, To Deepen Your Bond with Your Partner

A marriage can only be successful if both the partners try to understand and adjust their lifestyle with each other. We must overlook each other’s faults and make necessary adjustments so that the relationship gets deeper. Money and attractiveness plays an important role in a marriage but it is not sufficient that will make your

Important Ways in Which You Can Strengthen Intimacy in Your Relationship

Marriage is based on trust, intimacy, sincerity, commitment and conviction. If any one of the factors becomes weaker then problems arise. Marriage problems creates disturbance in one’s personal life so it is better to solve the problems as quickly as possible. Life is very complex and most of us get engaged in our business or

How to deal with Erectile Dysfunction when In a relationship

As per the reports from The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, in the US alone, approximately30 million people do suffer from issues related to erectile dysfunction (ED). The man feels lack of desires and does not feel to get into sexual phase with their partner due to ED. In fact this