Yoga and How It Beautifully Boosts Your Sex Life

In most cases, people usually fixate a particular kind of mental image when one talks about sex and yoga together. Most of the times, when people hear about yoga sutra the first thing that they link it to are Kama Sutra. This is because they straight away think about the story of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) movement, which was also the story about naked yoga.

One of the best experiences for the mind and body is enjoying great sex. But did you know practicing regular yoga could lead you towards a great sex life too? Yoga is known to be a superb stress reliever. However, not many people know that along with boost in blood flow and improving flexibility, it will also be able to provide you with hot sex life. There are so many couples who have introduced yoga into their lives which has been able to reduce marriage problems and connect a couple better.

Yoga as they say is a great medium to boost up your sex life. To know more on this, keep reading below:

  • Flexibility

A few people say that when they initially started with yoga, they were unable to touch their toes towards the forward fold. But with time, when they were in bed, they could easily hug their leg till their chest. This makes it easier for your partner to sling your leg higher and his shoulder will be able to achieve much better and deeper penetration.

In fact, this would also provide the female with some extra dose of stimulation towards the cervix. If you want to enjoy great flexibility and some erotic positions with your partner, yoga is the answer for you. If need be, why not start a home yoga movement with your partner and try to focus on positions which will focus on groin stretchers, hip openers and pelvis openers.

  • Mula Bandha

 When you carry on with yoga practices that are properly balanced, you will be able to achieve some great strength-building poses. But with this, you would have to start working on your mula bandha. This means when you start with your standing poses such as lunges, balancing and warrior poses, you will lead to paying more focus towards supporting your body weight with more composure.

This way you will also be able to have a better practice of contracting the muscle between the sphincter muscle and one that has control over your urination. You must have heard the term ‘exercising your kegels’ however this is the yogic version of it. The moment you start to exercise your kegels, you will start having better and more intense orgasms and so would your partner if you start to squeeze him or her.

  • Yogasns

 This is connected to the last point. When you start to focus towards mula bandha area, you would eventually have an improved and better orgasm. When you do yoga, you will be able to build awareness about your body; you also will be able to have a better control and cautiousness about your body’s arousal levels. This way both mentally and physically you will lead have an enriching and satisfying experience with your partner.

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