Benefits of Texting in a Relationship

Technology is more important to relationship formation than it was previously. Texting has become a part of our daily life. People use text to keep in touch with family, communicate with friends and talk to significant others. Before texting existed relationship was started by meeting in a social setting, growing up together, getting a cup of coffee or connecting through friends. But today majority of relationships start online through dating likes social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Texting can change how you feel about someone whether it enhances or depreciates feelings towards them. Sometimes, it results in lack of desires between the couples. It becomes difficult to associate their feelings. Thus making it difficult to determine the overall quality of a conversation. Texting sometimes results decrease in privacy and social boundaries. But it also encourages single sentence thoughts, rapid fire but this style of communication isn't conducive to face to face communication.

Texting increases the frequency of small talk and is a great asset to people beginning to form a friendship. The people who are grown up texting may have much poorer writing skills than people who regularly communicate using grammatically correct sentences over the phone, either in person or via Email.

Communication is not supposed to be electronically but face to face. Text messages also alter trust between spouses. There are times when text messages have caused many scandals. It lacks a needed amount of emotion. You cannot always express the way you feel. The value of text messaging is not always negative. There are less chances of fighting.  Sometimes it's hard to not get wrapped up into an argument in the moment, but couple fights should never happen via text. By simply replying that let's talk about this when we see each other later can do so much.

Healthy couples don't use text messages just for business. They keep Each Other interested throughout the day by keeping things hot in their text. It can be hard in the early stages of texting someone to not obsess over every emoji and length of message your true lover sends you. Once you are settled in a relationship, you can chill out a little bit.

Texting is both beneficial and harmful to relationships. The benefits being fastest communication over long distance, easier to share information and a more private way of communicating. Family relations are also improved as well as damaged by the use of texting. It provides the most convenient way to communicate with both close and distant family. Computers and phones take up a large majority of a family's everyday life this in return causes them to lose important family time. All of which can cause the family to separate.

Couples who attempt to apologize via text or work out differences may be heading for trouble. If you are sending affectionate text message to your partner may put a smile on their face.  Saying something loving in a text enhances a relationship, sending affectionate text is more strongly related to relationship satisfaction than receiving them. Stability and relationship satisfaction are linked to texting. Women who text more frequently than to feel happier in their relationships as well as their partners. Having clear rules and norms for how texting will occur prevents some of the frustrations that technology can introduce into the mix.

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