Pornography and How It Does Affect One’s Relationship

There is lots of porn websites available in the internet and specially men loves to see these sites. There are people who post videos and images for the viewers and they are all free of cost. There is even dating sites in the social media. Those interested in such images and videos use them to get fun. Men love viewing such videos but women do not approve such activities of men, they get affected by male porn use in three ways.

  1. It affects her self-respect

Research has proved those men who views porn regularly their wives feel a loss of self-respect. This is a common grievance from women because they feel that they cannot compete with such pornographic views. They feel that their husbands want them to act exactly like those porn girls. A sense of worthlessness creeps into their minds and starts feeling disgusted with their husbands. Marriage problems will arise for men if he regularly uses porn.

  1. It affects the marital relationships

Research has proved that men who use porn, reduces their sexual satisfactions and also affects their marital relationships. Men who use porn to satisfy their sexual desires will soon experience lack of desires and there is danger of getting divorced. This is why there are so many divorce cases are happening worldwide. Divorce cases have increased from 6% to 11%. Women consider their husbands cheating on them if they frequently view porn. They do not approve such illegitimate activities from their husbands. It is another thing if the husbands discuss openly and make their partners agree to such activities. Even in those cases, the wives will not grant them permission to view porn regularly. Moreover, in our society viewing porn is counted as cheating and immoral. So, do not spoil your happy marital relationship due to this bad habit. Be honest to your wife.

  1. It affects the sexual performance and fulfillment

Excessive viewing porn will affect sexual dysfunction such as, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and ability to reach orgasm. This is a very serious case so one should watch out not to cross the limit. Research has proved that men who view porn regularly their brains become habituated according to the porn stuffs. They want their wives to act as porn girls which she will never tolerate. Porn viewers start feeling disgusted with their partners and thus there is danger of getting divorced. Your marriage will be over and life will be shattered. In reality, sex is altogether a different thing. The porn shows things which are not real and if one applies the same on his wife then the marriage will soon be over. Be practical and think logically, your happy marital relationship should last forever.

Porn is a fake thing and no woman should compare herself with porn. Men view such stuffs for physical and sexual gain. Excessive use of such stuffs will end your marriage relationship, so one should not cross the limit. It is better if you keep away from such stuffs. Do not get impressed by such films and videos. They are fake stuffs. The advantage is little but disadvantage is most.

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