How, as a partner, you can help each other during infertility treatment?

We all go through the syndrome of not getting married. My perspective of marriage is when we meet the right person, the perception changes, towards marriage. There could be a different reason for different people to tie the knot. After marriage, the next thing that comes to mind is to start a family. Married couples nowadays delay the baby plan for several reasons. The most prominent reasons for the delay in family planning are career, money, or the thinking Why to hurry in it. I am not going to tell you the right time to have a baby. This article is for those couples who have infertility problems and are having a hard time coping with it.

You can't beat all the cases of infertility. Infertility majorly is of two types. In the first case, married couples are unable to conceive. In the second case, following the birth of one or more children, couples face problems in conceiving. You can't know the precise problems of infertility. So, it's better to get in touch with a sex doctor who is an expert in curing infertility.

Let's look at the challenges you might face during infertility problems.

It is natural for a couple to get disappointed after putting an effort to conceive for a long time without success. You can't do much at the initial level. After marriage,  your family expects you to have a baby. Not all family and friends are ill-intentioned. As the year passes in marriage, this question Why are you guys not trying to have a baby? It will keep popping in front of you. It will be hard for you to answer it once you know about the infertility problems. If in this situation, anyone suggests you, then it could be mentally exhausting for you.

“Knowing about infertility problems might make your sex life unexciting.”

It could further deteriorate your relationship. The moment you start looking for a cure. You will have to adjust your daily routine. It is going to be an additional task like an appointment with a Doctor, going for tests, taking medication on time. These things might take a toll on your relationship.

Additional Mental Health Challenges during infertility problems.

Marriage is a transition phase for both men and women. With parenthood, you go a step further in transition. Non-fulfillment of a wish because of infertility problems might lead to anxiety or depression. Any kind of mental psych is not good for your daily life. It will only aggravate the problems. Your social life might be disturbed. Too much stress is not good for your sex life though sexologist can help you improve your sex life.

Things you should do to help each other during infertility treatments.

Life has many hurdles that will keep coming at different stages. You need to understand that losing hope is not going to help. The best thing is that you have decided to go for treatment. You need to support each other in the best possible way. You need to communicate more during infertility treatment. This simple gesture asking for taking medication on time is going to help your spouse understand that you are beside. Communication will also help you reduce your mental pain during treatment. The less the mental pain you bear is going to be good for your sex life.

You need a regular sex life to spark your relationship. Scheduling sex is not a good idea during infertility treatment. There are varieties of foods that will help you increase your sex drive. But, It would be best to take suggestions from your sex therapist.

You should also start doing any new thing. Anything which you wanted to do but, for any reason you were unable to. You can follow your passion. It will divert your attention from your problems.

Dr. Satinder SinghHow, as a partner, you can help each other during infertility treatment?

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