Sex Drive Foods: Top 12 Foods to Improve Sex Drive

As per our research, there are several kinds of habits that eventually lead one towards sex. It may be due to regular exercises, or by being simply nice! However, did you ever now that following a certain kind of diet and a proper one, does lead your body to function well, which eventually leads you towards boosting libido? This means, this eventually helps you to have a good sex drive.


If you are here to know more about the kind of foods which helps to boost your sex drive, then keep reading below:

  • Walnuts

These have been long known to provide a boost and improve sperm quality. In fact, it also has been good towards improving the movement, the shape and also the strength of sperm. Hence, if you wish to boost your fertility rate, make sure that you add walnuts to your diet.


  • Raspberries and also Strawberries

The seeds of both these fruits come filled with a lot of zinc. This is an essential ingredient that does help to boost the sex drive of both women and even men. If women have a good amount of zinc in their bodies, it helps them to get prepared for better sex and in an easier way. For in the case of men, zinc is essential towards ensuring that the level of testosterone is apt. this is what helps to generate good quality sperm. This is why men must ensure that they stay loaded with zinc. This will make it easy for them to have better and fulfilled intercourse.


  • Avocados

Both vitamin B6, as well as folic acid, is an essential factor when you wish to improve your sexual drive. Folic acid works wonderfully to provide your body with much-needed energy. While vitamin B6 is indispensable for alleviating the hormones.


  • Watermelon

Watermelon works towards progressing your sexual drive. The reason behind it is that it is filled with citrulline and it produces arginine and amino acids in the body. For improvement of vascular health, Arginine plays a vital role.

  • Almonds

This nut contains a good amount of arginine, which is known to improve your circulation; it also works towards soothing the blood vessels. Again, the amino acid which is available in almonds does help men towards marinating erection.


  • Chocolate

Serotonin and endorphins are released in good amounts when you consume dark chocolate. This means it will help to boost one’s mood which eventually helps one towards alleviating their sex drive.


  • Eggs

When it comes to getting healthier, eggs work wonders. It contains a good amount of L-arginine which saves men from erectile dysfunction or work towards improving this symptom.


  • Peaches

Vitamin C is available in this fruit in huge quantities. This is why it works great when you wish to improve sperm quality. Again, its vitamin C which works towards dropping issues such as reducing infertility.


  • Coffee

This works wonderfully as a form of stimulant. Hence it does help you to increase libido in a good way. It prompts the brain towards having arousal.


  • Saffron

It has been for long known to be a natural aphrodisiac. This is why it helps to increase one’s libido level. Thus you perform way better in bed.


  • Steak

It has a good amount of iron, zinc vitamin B and also tons of proteins. All of these are way too good when it comes to improving your sex drive.

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