Do orgasm changes in men or women as they age?

If you are sexually active by now, you must have realized that all sexual encounters are not the same. Sex varies with the different things so, does the orgasm. You don't experience alike orgasm during your different physical intimacy. It might be frustrating for you, but it is not a worrisome sign. Many reasons are behind this happening. Some of the problems of orgasm you can fix with the help of a sex therapist. You need to know, unlike men, women can have an orgasm from multiple sexual activities. In this article, we are going to discuss the orgasm changes happening in the body of men and women at a different age.

You are less distracted during young times.

Sex during younger days is indeed different in comparison to older for both men and women. There are fewer distractions at a young age. With age comes the responsibility. Responsibilities are distractions. You might not focus on the bed with your partner the way you used to do in your college times.

You stopped being cozy.

The early stage of married life or relationship is a honeymoon time. But as time passes, you get accustomed to our daily life and forget all the small things that you did in the relationship to ignite physical intimacy. Your mind and body are not in sync during sex.  It is one of the prominent reasons for irregular orgasm during sex. Most of the couples say that they don't have time. I agree, but you need to find a way to get cozy. You can consult a sex doctor. A sex therapy session might help you in this situation.

Testosterone levels in men decrease with age.

The desire to have sex depends on testosterone. The level of testosterone decreases in men by some margin each year once they cross 30 years of age. It might cause a loss of libido. There are other reasons also for low testosterone in men. Low testosterone levels also hamper orgasms in men.

Orgasms in women with age.

A recent study has found that women experience better sex with age. The hormones in women are also at a peak in their twenties. Despite that, they experience their best sex in their thirties. The reason behind this is that older women are either married or into a long term relationship. They are more comfortable in the relationship. It improves their sexual satisfaction during physical intimacy. Different female sexual disorders might be affecting your orgasm. If you are having any trouble with orgasms, the sex doctors are always there.

Do birth control pills affect orgasm?

Oral contraceptive pills for preventing unwanted pregnancy are popular among women. It can cause sexual dysfunction in women. In a nutshell, birth control pills do affect women's orgasms. It is for your good to avoid birth control pills and use different methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

When to see a sex therapist?

If you are not able to figure out the problem of waning orgasms, it is the right time to consult with the Sex doctor. They will guide you to do the thing that is essential for your sexual pleasure. You can go alone to see the doctor, but it would be best to visit with your partner.  When your partner is around, the psychological issues the sex doctor can address easily. 

It is not that you should think about orgasms. But in the meantime, you should not forget the different aspects of sex like kissing, cuddling. They are as exciting and important as an orgasm.

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