Top 10 Signs of Low Testosterone in Men & Remedies to improve it

Testosterone is an important sex hormone that testicles produce. In men, it helps develop libido. Though low Testosterone is not limited to libido, it also helps in muscle mass, fat distribution, and strength. Most of the changes like deeper voice, facial hair during your teen years are because of this male sex hormone.  

10 signs of low level in men:

Decreased Sex Desire

– If you are above the age of 30 and have less sexual desire, it doesn't mean you are getting old. It might be that your testosterone level has gone down.

Experience Erectile Dysfunction

– Erectile dysfunction indeed comes with age but if the frequency of erectile dysfunction is regular then you should worry and get your testosterone level checked.


– Most people have a perception that they are tired because of age or they are doing things that are challenging. There is no denying that but despite taking a healthy diet you are feeling fatigued all the time. You should know that a lower-level of testosterone could be the reason behind this.

Sleep disturbances

– Your sleep pattern changes if you have low testosterone. Insomnia and other changes are because of low energy levels. You might be aware that sex helps in sound sleep.

Emotional Changes

– The decreased level of testosterone can affect you emotionally. As the energy levels are down all the time and you feel fatigued. This condition can lead you to depression. The side-effects of depression, like problems with memory and self-confidence, are inevitable.

A decrease in Semen Volume

– Production of seminal fluid depends on testosterone. Vesicles and the prostate do not work properly without it that's why ejaculation is low in volume.

Affects Muscle Mass

– Testosterone is one among multiple things that play a role in building muscle. If you are young despite putting an effort you are unable to build muscle. It is time to check your testosterone levels. You need to know that a lower testosterone level does not necessarily affect your strength.

Loss of hair

– Baldness is common nowadays and inheritance is one of the reasons behind it.  But, do you know you might be losing your hair due to low levels of testosterone. It is not only head hair you lose, but you also lose your body hair because of this.

Reduced Testicular Size

– It has come to notice that with a low level of testosterone can lead to smaller or average size testicles. At the same time, there are several causes to this so this symptom is not always applicable.

Metabolic syndrome

– You might experience metabolic syndrome because of lower testosterone. Besides this increase in your body fat, especially belly fat can also be its symptoms. You need not confuse body fat with muscle. Both are different things. Your cholesterol level can also increase because of this.

Know the levels of testosterone in your body.

The amount of testosterone the body produces during puberty is higher. Its level keeps decreasing after the age of 30. You can get your level check by giving your blood sample. Its deficiency is treatable. There are different approaches to fix this issue, get in touch with a good Sex doctor they would guide you.


I have listed foods that that helps in improving your sex drive. If you are having most of the symptoms as discussed in the above paragraph. It is strongly advised to get in touch with a Sex doctor that can help you in getting checked your testosterone level. They will guide you in increasing the level so that you can have your normal life back.

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