A guide to safe sex for men and women. Reduce Risks of Getting STDs

Sexually active people take safe sex differently in different contexts. But the most common definition of safe sex is, as a partner when you do physical intimacy, it is safe only when you both are not exposed to any sexually transmitted disease.  I shall rephrase the very first sentence in the following sentence. Consider one example, you are married and are not ready for family planning. Then to you, safe sex is all about preventing yourself from pregnancy. Most of the youngster also consider using protection during sex means they are safe. But this is not true. In this article, we are going to talk about all the forms of safe sex for all the age groups of people.

How does anyone get sexual transmission disease?

Vaginal, anal, or oral sex are the main cause of getting an STD. You are at high risk if you are having more than one sexual partner. If you party hard and have weekend sex without condoms also puts you at risk of STD. A virgin couple can't have STDs. You need to understand that STD can't be created from anything. It is spread from one person to another.

Small guide to Safe sex for women.

All women should take control of their sexual health. Preventing yourself from an incurable disease like HIV is always wise. Women should always explore options that will help them prevent the risk of getting STDs. Condoms are always an option that has zero side effects in comparison to pills. Birth control pills prevent you from unplanned pregnancy but they are not going to prevent infections that might occur because of sex.  Condoms are the best form of protection. Ask your partner to use, if for any reason he is hesitant then you can educate him, or you can use female condoms.

A Brief guide to safe sex for Men.

Safe sex for men is as necessary as for women. In other words, for a straight couple safe sex is a complement to each other. Both should collectively approach for safe sex. For men who want to avoid getting any sexually transmitted infections (STI). Condoms are the best options for men to prevent any sexual disease. One of the common mistakes men do is they consider all condoms are fit for them. Factually, it is not correct. In the market, there are condoms available for all penis sizes. If you practice sex with different condoms you might figure out which condoms fit you. This way you can reduce the number of times the condoms get damage while you have sex. As a sex doctor, I shall advise you to go for a good quality condom always.

Common tips for Men and Women to have safe sex.

If you have just started exploring sex and you are indulging in casual weekend sex then, you can also consider getting checked regularly for sexually transmitted infections. You must communicate with your partner about sexual past and preference. When two of you share your sexual past it becomes easy for both of you to prevent this incurable disease. You can take action based on your sexual past.

I am not sure how you all can achieve it. But abstaining from sex is 100% guaranteed that neither of you will get STI. There is also nothing like unplanned pregnancy with abstaining sex.Limiting the number of sex partners also guarantees that you are less likely to get an STI. Different means can help you prevent getting an STI. It is all up to you to choose one method that is convenient for you.

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