Ten Important tips to prevent pregnancy

You might have come across this phrase. The reason for divorce is marriage. Do people stop getting married? The answer is no. Will you stop having sex because of the primary cause of getting pregnant is sex? If you are sexually active and have no intention of starting a family, then there are many options for birth control. In this article, I shall be sharing ten crucial tips to prevent pregnancy. There are two sides to preventing pregnancy. One has side-effects, and another has less to no side-effects. You should consult a sex doctor to clear all your doubts.

Following are ten Important tips to prevent pregnancy

Male/Female Condoms

This contraceptive options not only prevent pregnancy but only protects against transmitted sexual disease. It will help if you use it correctly because condoms are not a hundred percent effective against pregnancy. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to use male or female condoms. It is essential to use condoms if you enjoy multiple sex partners.

The Oral Contraceptive Pills.

There are different contraceptive pills available in the market that you can use to prevent pregnancy. Contraceptive pills are available in two forms. One of the medicines you take before or after the sex or within seventy-two hours of sex. Another drug is if you had unprotected sex, and you skip your menstrual cycle. There are implications of these medicines. You must consult a doctor before using any contraceptive pills, at least for the first time.

Diaphragm birth control.

A diaphragm birth control has a shape similar to a little saucer. The doctor inserts it in the vagina to cover the cervix. It would be best if you use a diaphragm with spermicide. Spermicide stops semen from moving.

Avoid sex during ovulation.

In buzz around life, we always plan things. You can also create your sex schedule. As a couple, you need to keep track of fertility. You can avoid sex when your partner is ovulating. This method is an excellent complement as there are no side effects of medicines involved. You shall have to be proactive.

Pull at the right time.

Some of you might be doing this pulling out thing. Not an easy thing to pull out before ejaculation. You require practice to develop this art. At the safe time, semen might enter the vagina. There is a risk of pregnancy, but you can try this along with other contraceptive methods.

A permanent form of contraception.

A permanent form of contraception is not for everyone. As a married couple, if your family planning is complete. You can opt for this form of contraception. It would be best to talk to each other before you make up your mind. A small surgery is required to perform male sterilization. Female sterilization is a slightly complicated and expensive procedure than male.

Long term birth control options.

Long-term birth control will help you in avoiding a contraceptive pill. There are different methods that not only last weeks or months but year. They are safe, effective, and don’t require surgery.

Copper T IUDs

In copper IUDs, IUD stands for intrauterine device and has a shape like T. It prevents semen from fertilizing eggs. If somehow, eggs fertilize, it further prevents implantation of an embryo. It has fewer side effects.

The patch

A contraceptive patch, you can place on the upper arms, stomach, buttocks, and back. It is a sort of plastic sticker that you have to wear all the time for three weeks. In the last week, it is removed for the menstrual cycle — some women complaints about skin irritation.

Vaginal ring

The ring is another hormonal option that helps you prevent pregnancy.  It is a small ring that the doctor place in your vagina. It works similar to patch. You need to keep three weeks, and in the next week, you remove for your menstrual cycle.

The Contraceptive Injection

The contraceptive shots are active for 12 weeks. Your sexual spontaneity and pleasure are always there. The only drawback of this injection is irregular periods.

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