Does excessive masturbation causes health risks or Infertility?

Masturbation is a natural way to self-explore your body sexually. Almost everyone masturbates or might have indulged in such acts once in their lifetime. Once you hit puberty, touching the genital gives you pleasure. Male and female both do masturbation. There are too many myths surrounding masturbation. In this article, we shall not be discussing the myths rather about the risk-freeness of masturbation and can it cause infertility.

Masturbation is not risk-free.

It is still debatable how frequent masturbation can cause you any risk. But, you need to know it is not risk-free. The risk factor is less in comparison to regular unprotected sex. You definitely won't get pregnant or get caught to STD while you masturbate. Minor skin irritation can occur if you masturbate frequently. When your penis erect, you should not bend it forcefully. It can damage the nerve that keeps the blood flowing. It depends on person to person, but sex experts say masturbation twice or thrice in a day can swell your penis.

As I said in the above paragraph, how much is too much is still debatable. You are missing your work or not have any priority in your life because of masturbation. You need to consult a sex doctor. Nothing exceeds like excess if the excess of masturbation is causing the problem in your relationship. Like if you are not sexually active with your partner because of this or excessive masturbation is disrupting other aspects of life. You must consult a sex therapist and discuss your conditions. 

Masturbation doesn't benefit like sex.

It does help in exploring your body. But, it doesn't give health benefits like regular sex. Study shows regular sex has benefits. When you are doing regular sex, your entire body is active. Your cardiac rate gets enhanced. One of the studies from Harvard's Health shows masturbation help lower the risk of prostate cancer. Sex helps your blood pressure, heart, pain, and many more things.

The negative of excessive masturbation.

One of the most important negatives of masturbation is psychological. If you masturbate because you are unable to get sex, the continuation of this process will make you feel inferior. Unknowingly it becomes a habit. Developing an inferiority complex is not suitable for mental health. I am not saying you will, but there are chances that the inferiority complex will lead you to guilt. The guilt of anything is not good. It means you have invited depression. My advice to those people is to consult a sex expert near you. They will help you in getting rid of this inferiority complex.

Is masturbating affect your sperm count?

Yes, a person who masturbates frequently will have lower volumes of sperm. Twenty-one medical students produced sperms by masturbating on different days. Their sperm count reduced in later days. The data on male infertility due to masturbation has mixed responses. In the longer term, it might make you infertile as the quality of sperm keeps decreasing. But, most of the research says it doesn't make a man sterile. But, if the problem of infertility persists in you despite quitting masturbation. It would be best to get in touch with a fertility expert.

You know your body.

At the same time, it is your body. You know how your body reacts. If you do certain things, it would be best if you do things which are right for you. There are different food that is considered healthy, but some people are allergic to it. The same applies to excessive masturbation. There is no point sticking with modern science if something you do doesn't suit you. I am not saying to ditch science, but it would be best if you stick with the thing which makes your body feel better. So, in a nutshell, your practice of masturbation has the answer to your problem.

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