Is having sex during menstruation safe? Yes or No!

Women in reproductive years get menstruation once in a month. This cycle continues until women hit menopause. Typically women in their late forty or early fifty have the syndrome of menopause. There is no fixed rule that you should avoid sex during the period. The belief in avoiding sexual engagement during menstrual is an old idea. But, in comparison to regular sex, the period sex is a little messy( for some apparent reason). Both benefits and risks are associated with sex during menstruation. In this article, we are discussing the pros and cons of sex during the period.

The benefits of having sex during menstruation

Only women know the kind of pain they bear during cramps. Orgasm during the period sex helps relieve menstrual cramps. The chemical endorphins released during sex is one of the natural ways to relieve from pain.

Uterus contracts with each orgasm. This contraction pushes the blood and uterine lining faster than a regular period. Further, it shortens the length of menstruation.

Due to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, women libido changes. Menstrual sex becomes more pleasurable to women in comparison to regular sex. It would be best to go with extra slow foreplay.

Arousal lubrication is required to have smooth sex. In this period thing, women always have extra fluid in their genitals; it makes sex exciting.

Menstrual time for women is one of the annoying times. Getting cozy at that time will also help you strengthen your relationship. Study shows women prefer physical intimacy during the period time.

Risks associated with sex during menstruation

Sex during menstruation is not spotless. All the fun might fade if there is a steady flow of blood. There is always a chance of getting blood on you or your partner. Once the sexual activity is complete, both partners need to clean their private parts properly. Being hygienic does matter.

The chances of getting or transmitting an STI increases during the menstrual sex. It is always encouraged to use a condom to deter the risk of sexual disease. You can use male or female condoms, depending on your choice and comfort. The chance of infection persists despite using protection.

Pregnancy depends on various factors. It would be best if you avoid unprotected sex. Yes, you can get pregnant if you have sex during menstruation.

The following tips will help in comfortable sex during the period.

It is pretty understood the reason most couples avoid sex during periods. For some, it is more psychological, or you think it is freaky. Remember, there is no dirt in going for sex during the monthly cycle. I mentioned in the above paragraph why you should consider having sex during the period. It will help you maximize pleasure. You can set your mood by trying everything once mentality.

One of the significant demerits of sex during the period is you can’t change your position. Pleasure is there, but you can’t experiment with the different areas of sexual activity during the period sex. The snooping position is considered one of comfortable during menstrual sex at the same time you can also find your favorable sexual posture to enhance pleasure.

You should always wear condoms. Condoms don’t only prevent STI disease, but cleaning your genitals also becomes easy. It would be best if you place a towel or a paper on your bed during this time. These are my suggestions. You can keep anything that makes cleaning easy and also does not set your mood off.

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