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The Hidden Killer: Urea and its Bad Effects

Nitrogen fertilizer is popular with a different name as Urea. In India, during the green revolution, the use of fertilizer increased. It is not that we Indians were not using fertilizer but that was manure or ash. Before the green revolution, India was facing a shortage of food. More or less after the second world

How to Naturally Boost Your Immunity

How to Naturally Boost Your Immunity for Corona Virus (Ncovid-19)?

Everyone in their very own way is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. People are trying to do their very best to stay safe and boost their immunity at this hour of crisis. It is highly crucial to stay healthy so that one stays infected by the virus that’s lurking around. Sadly at this time, still

Is having sex during menstruation safe? Yes or No!

Women in reproductive years get menstruation once in a month. This cycle continues until women hit menopause. Typically women in their late forty or early fifty have the syndrome of menopause. There is no fixed rule that you should avoid sex during the period. The belief in avoiding sexual engagement during menstrual is an old

Porn bad effects

Seeing Porn isn’t worth it

Porn is related to pornography. Pornography is printed or visual depiction of sexual activity to induce excitement and pleasure. “XXX” is mostly used to denote  the pornographic material.The sources of porn material are: books, magazines, photographs, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, phone calls, writing, film, videos and video games. With the emergence of internet


Depression – Ways to Administer It!

If one is in a state of anxiety and depression, even the slightest of issues can seem to be a roadblock or a tough call! Be it going to the grocery, getting ready for work or simply socializing with your friends, all these everyday normal activities may seem to be a real-life struggle. But all

Skin Itching

Skin Itching – Tips To Control It!

Pruritus, or more commonly referred to as ‘itching’ can turn out being highly frustrating if it continues for a longer time. No doubt it can cause too much discomfort and can be highly annoying. It can distract you from your everyday work too. If you happen to be itching more than it’s considered as normal,

Ayurvedic Foods To Boost Energy

Now Stay Recharged and Boosted Through Ayurvedic Power Food When there is the need to feel energetic, what do people usually do these days? They look out for some energy bars to get their energy levels restored. If not, people go for a quick caffeine or chocolate drink to feel better and rejuvenated from within.


Healthy Diet Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

In recent times, more than fifteen percent of couples do get affected by fertility problems and issues. But thankfully, there are some effective Ayurveda remedies which do help to grow your fertility. It helps one to get pregnant faster and in a healthier fashion. When it comes to getting pregnant there are certain lifestyle changes

Health Benefits of Okra or lady's finger

Health Benefits of Okra or Okro

There are so many of us who link Okra to the Southern part of the USA. But in reality, its origin is not even close to this region. Okra or most commonly known as a lady’s finger is believed to have been originated from the Ethiopian or the African area. Even though the authenticity of

Diabetes Patient Diet plan

Diabetes Patient Diet and Preventive Measures – Ayurvedic Remedies

If you thought that you could not live a healthy life with diabetes, then you need to pause a bit and read through this article. There are so many patients, all across the world, which have been able to manage their diabetes through the medium of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been a boon to so many