Health Benefits of Okra or Okro

There are so many of us who link Okra to the Southern part of the USA. But in reality, its origin is not even close to this region. Okra or most commonly known as a lady's finger is believed to have been originated from the Ethiopian or the African area. Even though the authenticity of this matter is not completely confirmed. Abelmoschusesculentus is the scientific name of Okra. When it comes to nutritional density it is loaded in Okra. Also, it contains mucilaginous which helps to produce mucus and hence is known to come with soluble fiber.

The health benefit of this vegetable is immense. We have mentioned below about a few of them:


Works wonderfully in lowering down cholesterol

One of the chief benefits of Okra is that it helps to lessen down cholesterol from the body. One of the chief reasons being, it is loaded with fiber. It comes with the trait to lessen down bile. This is why in turn, as the content of bile gets reduced, cholesterol starts to step in. thus, the replacer is lost. This is where cholesterol starts to decrease. One of the best ways to reduce cholesterol from your body is by consuming a good amount of Okra. No wonder, this vegetable has been so popular amongst so many cultures all across the globe.


Could be useful in averting migraine

Even though there are so many vegetables that have made the claim, Okra does work towards living up to it. One of the chief ways to cope and decrease migraine attacks is by increasing the dosage of magnesium. For so many, this can turn up being quite a tedious task. But if one intakes 100g of Okra; then you gain nine percent of the recommended percentage of magnesium. This way of meeting the goal gets easier. There are other factors obviously to calm down avert migraine and such is by staying hydrated, which Okra does incidentally. Since it contains mucus-forming fiber which helps to hold on the water in the body, one stays more hydrated when consuming Okra.

Helps to keep Constipation at bay

Okra is packed with fiber. It contains seeds of the pod, which are again edible.  This, in turn, works wonderfully to provides the body with fiber supply. Hence, you are saved from getting constipated. Not to forget, it contains mucilaginous fiber which is useful to pass stool out of the body without any discomfort.


A great way to add Non- Dairy Calcium

In case you are a vegetarian or anyone who is lactose intolerant, ensuring that you get your daily dose of calcium will be a tough call for you. But if you consume about 100g of Okra at a single serving, then you will be able to provide your body with eight percent of calcium. Again, you would be consuming other food too. Hence, your daily goal of calcium will be appropriately met. Calcium is mandatory and such a necessity for nerve health and muscle functioning it also helps to preserve your overall bone structure. It works towards preventing painful conditions such as osteoporosis.


Now improve your eye health through Okra

Even though Okra does not contain purple or orange color, the amount of Vitamin A in it is quite decent. This is what helps you to lower down the body’s aging process. It does help to preserve the optic nerve at the same time help you to have an enhanced night vision. Vitamin A comes is known to be a powerful antioxidant vitamin. This is why it works wonderfully to decrease free radicals from our system. It is also known to prevent the development of cataracts.

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