How to Naturally Boost Your Immunity for Corona Virus (Ncovid-19)?

Everyone in their very own way is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. People are trying to do their very best to stay safe and boost their immunity at this hour of crisis. It is highly crucial to stay healthy so that one stays infected by the virus that’s lurking around. Sadly at this time, still there are no vaccines to guarantee us a cure from this dangerous virus. Hence what we need to do now is to ensure that we take care of our health and body in the best way possible. We need to ensure that we adapt and start to imbibe sensible measures to keep our immunity system boosted and stronger than before.

Keep in mind that a strong immune system will not be able to save you from the virus, but surely help to abate its severity. From washing your hands as often than you can to not touching your face, using disinfectants, or practicing social distancing there are so many recommendations that one needs to follow unfailingly.

You surely can follow a few steps to keep your immunity system from failing you. A few necessary steps should be useful to you about which we have mentioned below:

Healthy food leads to a healthier gut

It’s good to start with a healthier diet. Almost 80% of how your immune system operates depends on how well your guts work. If you have a healthier gut, then the resistance power will be stronger to any kind of virus or disease. Try to eat more vegetables and fresh fruits along with seafood, olive oil, whole grains, and less intake of sugar. Also for those people who stay in countries where they are not blessed with much of sunlight should intake vitamin D supplement as it does help greatly in improving your immunity.

Again, try staying away from processed and fried food as much as possible. It will always be better to bless your system with fresh and whole food. From time to time you can intake fermented food such as yogurt, kefir, and even sauerkraut. Also, lentils and consuming enough fiber will be welcomed by your gut microbiome.

Time to get the stress busted

At times like this, feeling anxious and stressed is normal. But you need to understand that the more stress you take the more you are open to diseases and infection. A higher level of cytokines is secreted when you get stressed. This will ineluctably lead to inflammation.

When you are stressed you heed little attention to what you eat and how your body feels. You also do not sleep well and all of this hurts your immunity level, which inevitably starts to decline.

Hence try to get started with activities that will help you to drive stress away from our system. Start practicing yoga, try exercising every day, even if it means for half an hour, but make it a habit. With time and regular exercise, your cardiovascular health will start to improve. Also, the fear of getting infected gets vastly reduced. The immunity level of cells also starts to progress, slowly but surely.

Take care of your beauty sleep

One of the most formidable of stress relievers is a good night’s sleep! It provides your whole body to get the rest it needs after a hard day of work and reset the right way. If you are not getting proper sleep you will not only dismantle your immune system but also tire and damage your body.

Dr. Satinder SinghHow to Naturally Boost Your Immunity for Corona Virus (Ncovid-19)?

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