How to Take Care of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Problems during a Pandemic?

Some so many men deal with erectile dysfunction or ED problems at some point in their lives. Erectile dysfunction in simper terms means when men cannot handle an erection or it is not firm enough to even last for a few seconds. If this turns out to be a consistent issue then one must not take this lightly.

In case you or anyone you know is undergoing this problem then opting for a testosterone treatment could be useful. Just to make things simpler, testosterone is a hormone found in men. After men reach the age of 50, the level of testosterone starts depreciating. This is when men usually start to notice the issue of ED becoming more prominent in their lives.

Why is it considered wise to opt for testosterone treatment in the case of ED?

If you notice that you are starting to have erection issues that have lasted for three long months or more, then opting for the treatment should be a viable option.

If you’ve had trouble having erections for three months, talk to your health care provider. Your health care provider will ask about all your symptoms and give you a physical exam. A few of the signs that denote that your testosterone level is having a low sexual drive. You start to grow breast, hair in your body starts to shed gradually, you start shaving less then you would before, your overall muscle size starts to shrink, also your bones get brittle and tend to break quickly. In several cases, even testicles start to reduce their size.

Just in case you have noticed a few of the above symptoms it would be good to opt for a blood test which would help to determine your testosterone level. Make sure that you carry on with blood tests more than on time. It would be best to opt for the tests in the morning as the level of testosterone is usually higher on the morning side. Also if there is an issue with the pituitary glands, the level of testosterone tends to lower down. If you get to notice that your testosterone levels have diminished, post the blood test, then your doctor will provide you with possible treatments which will be helpful to you for curing ED issues with time.

Ways by which you can work and manage your ED problem:

• There could be an underlining medical condition

In most cases, ED tends to be a warning sign which could lead to a more serious health condition. It could be due to high blood pressure, some underlining heart-related problems, or even due to diabetes. When the condition is treated, you will notice that you feel healthier with erections taking place as before.

• Review the medicines that you consume

One of the other issues related to ED could be due to the medicines that you are already taking. A few of the medicines could be due to medicines that you take to treat issues like blood pressure, diabetes, allergy, depression, cancer, heartburn, or even pain. This is where your health care provider could help to switch one medicine with another.

• Ensuring you make a few lifestyle alterations

Maybe you would have to get on with regular exercises or stop smoking or drub abuses to ensure you have a positive effect when it comes to the erection.

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