Ayurveda Treatment to Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy

Several couples would want to have a baby, but an unplanned one. Women tend to use different remedies such as contraceptive pills so that they stay safe from unwanted pregnancy. However, consuming a lot of these pills would eventually lead one to deal with adverse effects which will be more harmful to the body in the long run.

There are however several other remedies that one can rely on if they wish to avoid any kind of unplanned pregnancy. But you need to understand that even though these remedies have worked for many, they cannot be completely effective. It is however always best to take precautions. Ensure that as much as you can, you do go ahead with safe sex most of the time.

One of the chief reasons why you must try to avoid taking contraceptive pills is because it can disrupt the reproduction cycle of a woman. When you start consuming these pills you might start noticing mood swings, nausea, sickness, spotting, gaining of weight, periods may get irregular, vaginal discharge, and several other side effects. This is one of the reasons why it is safer to depend on Ayurveda remedies as they are natural and will save you from unwanted and harmful side effects. It is always best to use something safe and free from hazardous effects. A few of the natural remedies have been mentioned below:

Try castor seed

If you have seen castor seed that’s fresh, then you will notice that it has a white seed inside it. It has been seen that these pills work wonders and quite efficiently as contraceptive pills. If you have had an intercourse session with your partner, then it is advised to have one of these seeds within 72 hours. For the best result, it would be best for you to have three seeds on three days of your periods. It will work as a very efficient contraceptive medicine whose effects would last for almost a whole month.

Rock salt

One can avert unwanted pregnancy when sperm is killed before it even reaches into the vagina while you are having intercourse. You need to take 50 gms of rock salt and ensure that you boil it in almost 500 ml of water. After you have had sex with your partner make sure that you immediately wash your vaginal area which will help to kill the sperm.

Sesame oil along with rock salt

There is another great Ayurveda remedy that can work well for you if you wish to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Take sesame oil and dip a piece of rock salt in it. Ensure that you consume it as soon as you have had sex with your partner. This will ensure that the sperm will not be able to reach out to the womb and you will stay safe from getting pregnant.

Dry mint leaves

As soon as you have had an intercourse session with your partner, you can go ahead and try this remedy, which will help to avert pregnancy. All you need to do is take dry mint leaves. You will then need to ground and ensure that you make it into a powder-like consistency. You can even use it regularly and save the rest in a tight jar or box. After your lovemaking session, all you need to do is take some boiled water and add a tablespoon of this dried mint powder mixture and drink it.

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