Tips To Take Care of Your Sexual Health during Covid-19

For sure is not any kind of sexual disease or an STD. However, acquiring it in just a matter of seconds when you come in close contact with someone is quite much possible. Nonetheless, there are several ways by which you can connect with your loved ones thankfully even if you are practicing social distancing.

Can one acquire COVID-19 if they have sexual intercourse?

Remember that it is easy to get COVID-19 when you are within the range of 6 feet of anyone who has been experiencing its symptoms such as cough, fever, sneezing, or even while one exhales. One of the fastest ways of spreading this virus is by contact of mucus or saliva. This is why if it should be best to keep your intimate activates back on the shelves for some time, even if it means for a long time. Through someone’s spit or even by kissing someone, you may get infected by the COVID-19 virus. It is better to stay safe than fight this dangerous virus which might have some very hazardous effects, even death.

The other way by which this virus spreads is through one's poop or feces. Yes, you read that right! This is why when you get intimate with your partner; you may come across the fecal matter. It may happen when you have unprotected sex or oral sex. You might also take someone’s private part into your mouth to ensure that your partner gets some erotic pleasure. However, for the time being, it is better to keep your mouth away from such intimate areas. This should work best for both, you and your partner.

The other astounding discovery that has been revealed by doctors is that COVID-19 has also been found in semen. This means it can easily spread through semen. However so far there has no discovery been made which denotes that it is found in vaginal fluids too. Whatever the case is, it is always best to stay cautious and ensure you enjoy protected sex. Using a condom has always worked well for everyone. This will ensure that you both stay safe and get infected by this vicious virus.

Several people did have COVID-19 but they did not experience any sort of symptoms whatsoever! Hence this proves that you do not necessarily have to feel sick or cough or feel feverish to prove that you have COVID-19. Stay safe in your sexual matters at these crucial times for the safest of the outcome.

Effective tips to enjoy safe sexual encounters during COVID-19

If you have a partner who does not live with you, then it would be best to avoid all sorts of sexual contacts. This means stay away from sex for the time being. You can ease your self through masturbation as this in no way is infectious and keeps you safe from COVID. You must however ensure that you do wash and keep your hands clean and even if you are using pleasure toys, do wash it both before and after you have fulfilled your desires. It should be washed for at least 20 seconds at the least, both before as well as after!

If you take precautionary measures such as using dental dams or condoms, it will prove to be beneficial and healthy for your partner as well as for you too. This will ensure that even if you have oral sex it will keep you both safe.

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