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Diet for Uric Acid Patient and Gout Pain

Diet for Uric Acid Patient

In this article, we will discuss the diet and food that patients with uric acid and gout pain should follow. Patients who suffer due to uric acids usually and in most cases also undergo painful Gout pain. Gout is known to be a very excruciating kind of pain and it’s a form of arthritis. This


Things to Know About During and After Pregnancy

We all know how essential sex is and that it forms an important part of marriage and partnership. However, will everything change after you get pregnant? There are so many women who wonder whether sex would be the same during pregnancy. Or would it be a safe thing for the baby? But to ease your

Can Your Marriage Deal With The Menopause Phase?

For several women around the world menopause comes out as a very serious offender. This turns out being tough especially on those women who still wish to enjoy their intimate moments with their partner. The decline of intimacy because of menopause does affect so many women. In fact, so many women start to think whether

Cycling boosts your stamina

How Cycling Boosts Your Stamina?

There are many ways to keep your body fit and healthy. Walking, swimming, jogging, running and cycling can keep your body fit and healthy. There are many health benefits in cycling. It tones your muscles, particularly the leg and thigh muscles. It improves the cardiovascular health and assists in better blood flow. Cycling is very

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Aspects Men Over 40 Must Be Careful About

Staying healthy will keep you fit and vigorous. Men over 40 should learn to stay fit and healthy by taking nutritious food. Men are more prone to diabetes than women. They love to drink, smoke and get fat faster. You should avoid smoking and drinking as these habits are not good and it affects your


Solutions for Bedwetting: Things You Need To Carefully Consider

Bedwetting is a curable disease and it can be done effectively by being helpful and supportive. If your child bed wets his or her bed then do not criticize or be abusive. Being parents you should reassure your child that bedwetting is a common problem and it is hereditary. You should send a strong message

Infertility Ayurvedic Treatment

Infertility and Its Treatment with Ayurveda Considered as one of the world’s oldest whole-body healing systems, Ayurveda has the potential to cure almost any disease. It is incredible in healing men and women suffering from a state of infertility. In today’s advance medical era, infertility has changed its previous definition. Infertility is defined as the

Joint Pain ( Gout ) Treatment in ayurveda

Under the supervision of Dr. Satinder Singh and the team of doctors at Empire Clinics, patients suffering from gout- a severe form of joint pain belonging from the family of arthritis are treated 100% naturally. It is the gift of Ayurveda that is adopted by Empire Clinics in curing our patients suffering from the excruciating

Treatment of Acne in Ayurveda

  Cure Acne with 100% Natural Treatments with Ayurveda  Are you suffering from severe acne on your face for quite some time? Even after various treatments acne can’t be completely cured until and unless the blood is purified and with the removals of toxins in human body. Visit the Empire Clinics where we promise to