Ayurvedic Foods To Boost Energy

Now Stay Recharged and Boosted Through Ayurvedic Power Food

When there is the need to feel energetic, what do people usually do these days? They look out for some energy bars to get their energy levels restored. If not, people go for a quick caffeine or chocolate drink to feel better and rejuvenated from within.

But this may come as a big surprise for you; one of the best ways to get refreshed and pepped up with energy is by consuming real energy boosters. How do we do that though? We get the right amount and kind of energy through fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and also through the right kind of spices. These are the kind of foods which does positively affect the Chetna, which is known to be the powerful and healing influencer of nature. When you consume the right kind of food, it will not only help one stay active for longer periods, but also help to keep one away from tiredness and fatigue causing toxins. It helps to in fact, eradicate negative toxins and substances from our body.

Now let us know about what kind of foods to consume to stay fitter, more active and free from toxins:


Need more power, start to consume more grains

For a very long time, athletes and sportspersons have depended on carbohydrates that are attained through grains. It helps them to gain high resilience, more energetic, and generate long term endurance too. In the case of croissant, it is filled with excess fat. At the same time is quite low when it comes to evaluating the nutrition level. But the best way to stay nutritious is to consume more carbohydrates through the form of whole grains. This way you will stay away from cholesterol, avert activities in your body which might cause cancer and also evade dangerous bacteria which will be hazardous for your intestines.

This is why it would be wise to consume a lot of whole grains in your diet. They are quite fibrous too and help to detoxify too. It is advised to add ghee or clarified butter along with whole grains. This way your body stays safe from internal dryness.

Vegetables and Fruits provide a gush of energy to your system 

The other kinds of foods that give you immense energy are fresh veggies. In fact, your food must contain at least forty per cent of fresh vegetables. Make sure they are quite leafy and green as this would turn out being fibrous and loaded with minerals. You need to include it in your diet and consume it as often as you can.



It is a clear fact that you attain good amount of energy through fruits. Why not get started for the day with stewed apple. If you feel hungry in between work, go ahead and grab a juicy fruit such as pears. Also consume papaya if you feel bloated post lunch time. It comes with good enzymes which help in digestion. You can opt for more Pitta if your digestion is strong. Also, mango is loaded with ojas-generating food. It is packed with Vitamin C too and contains carotene too.

As per Maharishi Ayurveda, raises work wonders as it helps to provide purity, soothes the mind and helps in overall coordination of the mind and body.

Date is great for your body as it’s packed with iron and Vitamin B6. It also flushes into your system a good amount of zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium. However it works in the best form when you soak it in the water overnight.

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