It’s Time to Get Cured of Piles through the Medium of Ayurveda

Piles are known to be a condition where the veins in the area of the anal canal start to obstruct the normal activity of defecation. This way one starts to bleed and causes a lot of pain and produces discharges too.

Some of the most common reasons behind the occurrence of piles are overindulging in sexual intercourse, having over spicy food, excessive alcohol, suppressing urges, cold, sedentary lifestyle, having more non-vegetarian food, and straining yourself physically.

Ayurvedic treatments are a solution to every problem on deals with today. They are known to be a holistic way of getting treated. People, who are experiencing hemorrhoids or piles, must definitely opt for Ayurvedic treatment. Also, one should opt for certain lifestyle changes if need be, to get cured completely of piles. Your Ayurvedic practitioner will help you to understand what medication and foods to consume and opt for remedies that will work positively for you. This is why it is always advised to attend an Ayurvedic practitioner at the earliest and get the treatment started. This will ensure that the ailment does not aggravate and gets cured at the earliest.

In this article we will get to learn about the Ayurvedic ways by which we can start treating piles:


Bhaishajyachikitsa or start meditation

In case you were unaware of this, you can cure minor hemorrhoids by simply meditating. You will not need any other form of medication or procedures until and unless your case has become quite severe. If your case gets worse, you would be asked to take medicine along with meditation.

One's dosha will factor along with the Ayurvedic medicines or as advised by your Ayurveda practitioner. You would also be asked to make a few dietary changes as this would eventually help it from reoccurring. There could be a few medicines which would not be apt for your dosha. Hence, it is advised Togo as per the instructions of your ayurvedic expert.

Herbal application, or also known askshara

Askshara is commonly known to be an alkaline paste which is commonly used for curing piles. This is prepared by blending together herbal ingredients. It also comes with a cauterizing effect. It gets applied to hemorrhoids by means of advice which is known as slit proctoscope. This paste stars to gradually chemically cauterizes the piles, which might have been exposed or is bleeding.

Under Ayurvedic remedies for piles, the Kshara karma method is considered as being one of the most efficient means. As per what your dosha is, you would be asked to take medicine which will be helpful towards balancing and recovering your overall body. You might be asked to make a few dietary changes too. Also, you could be asked to make lifestyle alternations which will be useful for you to heal soon.

Make sure that you first, however, apply the cream to your arm. It will be a go-getter sign for people who are prone to allergic reactions.


Sastra chikitsa 

You ayurvedic expert may also advise you to opt for the treatment called Kshara sutra. It is a very exceptional Ayurvedic way of curing piles wherein a thread is tied to the base end of hemorrhoid. This is a treatment of Ayurveda where the blood supply to the vein gets stopped. In this way, hemorrhoids will start to eventually shrink within a weeks’ time.

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