How Ayurveda Treatment Works Wonders For Premature Ejaculation?

In the current times, the issue of premature ejaculation seems to be on the rise. With stress, tension, an increase in workload and a paranoid filled life, the problem of premature ejaculation comes as a huge issue for innumerable couples. But you can at least work towards curing or even avoid it with the help of Ayurveda.

These days with a mobile phone and so many things running in mind, there seems to be a shortage of time for so many of us. All of this makes our attention span less. Also, people are not heeding much attention to their diet too. When your body starts lacking the necessary nutrients and minerals that it thrives upon, the body starts to weaken. It will not happen in a day, but will gradually start to happen, without you even getting to know of it. Also these days, sleep patterns have become disheveled, all thanks to the mobile craze we succumb to! This is where premature ejaculation and impotency issues start to erupt. Ones masculine strength starts to weaken and hence, men fail to impress their partners sexually.


The common signs of Physical Impairment are as follows:

  • The body starts to sweat profusely
  • You feel tired all the time
  • One can’t get to sleep at night, easily
  • You consume a lot of food, yet you feel dizzy and fatigued. One seems to be lanky and thin
  • Start shedding weight
  • You do not feel hungry
  • Muscle pain and weakness


If you are one of those people who are struggling with premature ejaculation issues, then it’s time to heed attention on to your body and its needs, before it gets too late.

Ayurveda remedies have come as a boon to so many of us. Below, we have mentioned a few foods which one must consume which will be effective towards curing one of the Premature Ejaculation problems.

  1. Siddha mukhardhav

To start with, try to take a spoon of Siddha mukhardhav and the nutritious powder of Ayurveda. It will start to gradually work effectively for your manly strength. You will start noticing an improvement in your sexual vigor, lack of sperm issues will improve, and you will feel healthier overall.


  1. Gram

In case you notice that your sperm is thin or very less, then gram could come as a real time-saver for you. Take a ceramic vessel and soak it overnight. Chew it in the morning properly. It will help to improve your digestion. This means you can have it as much as you want to.


  1. Garlic

It is a wonderful vegetable overall. But also, works tremendously well when you want to improve your masculine strength. Before you go to bed at night, have a few of the garlic pods along with water. Have it regularly, to notice positive results.


  1. Gooseberry

Start by making a fine powder of it. Now take a spoon of it along with an equal amount of sugar. Now store it in an airtight container. Now before you sleep, mix the mixture in water and have it, every day. It will help to improve your moral strength, gradually.


  1. Banana

A wonder food is a banana. It works well when you wish to improve your masculine power. Make sure that you consume two ripe bananas along with a glass of milk, every single day. You will start to notice the difference soon.


  1. Fenugreek

For the growth of manly power, fenugreek works effectively. It provides a lot of strength to the body. Have the juice of it along with honey. Make sure to consume two teaspoons of it to notice the beneficial results.

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