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WHY is it so Hard to Talk about your Sexual Needs?

Sex is universal, yet we lack to talk about the desires! The reason for so many mental and physical dissatisfactions in human beings is the lack of discussion. Why is it so Hard to Talk about your Sexual Needs? It all began when the five years old innocent kid asked her parents, where do the

how technology creates modern age sexual problems in men and women

How Technology Creates Modern Age Sexual Problems?

Technology came into our lives to make things easier and faster, rather it gave us a reason to stay engaged for hours. This eventually did the opposite of what technology was created for: slowed things down because we got busy somewhere unproductive. Is it the same when it comes to sex? In this article, we


Is heredity / genetics / Inheritance responsible for sexual problems

A hereditary disorder is any disease which is caused by genotype. Most of the time, genetic disorders are inherited from a parent or from someone who is your family lineage. There are many diseases people can inherit, but the most common condition is heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, etc. Sexual disorders are

Is having sex during menstruation safe? Yes or No!

Women in reproductive years get menstruation once in a month. This cycle continues until women hit menopause. Typically women in their late forty or early fifty have the syndrome of menopause. There is no fixed rule that you should avoid sex during the period. The belief in avoiding sexual engagement during menstrual is an old

Porn bad effects

Seeing Porn isn’t worth it

Porn is related to pornography. Pornography is printed or visual depiction of sexual activity to induce excitement and pleasure. “XXX” is mostly used to denote  the pornographic material.The sources of porn material are: books, magazines, photographs, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, phone calls, writing, film, videos and video games. With the emergence of internet

Know about Ageing and Sexual Health

Things to Know About Ageing and Sexual Health

You have to understand the fact that sexual feelings just won’t fade away as you start ageing. If you wish to keep the flame alive, read through the points to keep the flame alive: Always understand that one’s sexual wellbeing is essential at every stage and age. The desire to get intimate with your partner

Safe to have intercourse when you are pregnant

Would It Be Fine And Safe To Have Intercourse When You Are Pregnant?

Whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy is quite talking about the topic. Everyone wants to play safe. But there are a few important points which one needs to take care of when they are pregnant. Below we have posted a few common questions on this topic, which should be helpful for anyone

Can Your Marriage Deal With The Menopause Phase?

For several women around the world menopause comes out as a very serious offender. This turns out being tough especially on those women who still wish to enjoy their intimate moments with their partner. The decline of intimacy because of menopause does affect so many women. In fact, so many women start to think whether

Improve low sexual desire

Seven Precious Tips to Help You Get Better At Sex Life

If your, sexual life is not smooth. Do not worry much because you are not alone. You are living in a time where you can consult sexologist and share your problems. Each year we set resolutions where we make list of do’s and don’ts. Maximum people want to lose weight and keep an eye on

Having Sex Turns out Being a Boon for You: How? Read Below

It is time to forget about the best of anti-wrinkle creams when it comes to giving that shine and glow to your skin. As per research it has been stated that one can end up looking about seven years younger if they were in a sexual relationship. However, this is not the only advantage you