Would It Be Fine And Safe To Have Intercourse When You Are Pregnant?

Whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy is quite talking about the topic. Everyone wants to play safe. But there are a few important points which one needs to take care of when they are pregnant. Below we have posted a few common questions on this topic, which should be helpful for anyone who is hunting for such answers.

If a woman is undergoing a normal pregnancy, then it would be normal to have intercourse with their partner, until the time the water breaks and they go for labor. But there are a few places where you would have to modify your activity or also would need to keep away from intercourse totally during the time you are pregnant. This is why you have to ensure that you do keep in touch regularly with your doctor or your midwife so that you stay away from all kinds of risks and complications.


Would it be harmful to the baby if one has intercourse during pregnancy?

 When you are indulging in intercourse with your partner, then this should not cause any harm to the baby. The muscles around the uterus are quite strong and also the amniotic sac is quite a safe place that protects the baby. You also have the mucus plug which helps to keep the baby safe from all kinds of infection. Make sure that the penis does not cross beyond the vagina. This would be quite a safe way to keep your baby safe.


Could sex lead you to labor pain?

 If your pregnancy is low in risk and normal, then it should not trigger any kind of labor pain. In no way should orgasm or sexual stimulation leads to miscarriage or labor pain. However, it is true that orgasm could lead to a mild uterine contraction. You need not worry much about this because it just lasts for a short amount of time and is usually harmless.


Will you feel different when you have sex, while one is pregnant?

 There are several women who have reported that sex does feel quite different when one is pregnant. A few have stated that they do feel it is more pleasurable, at least at certain times. However, many have also felt it being less pleasurable, all throughout their pregnancy.

The genitals do get engorged since the flow of blood is high during this phase to the pelvic area. Also, the sensation would be high at this phase and hence the moment of pleasure is sensed to be heightened. One might also feel that it’s getting a moister or a sense greater amount of vaginal discharge. This turns out being a good part though!

One may also feel that the breasts get tender and feel tingly. It might also get highly sensitive to touch. This would be sensed at a higher rate, especially during your first trimester. Even though with time the tenderness will lessen, but it would be highly sensitive. A few women could find this as a turn on, but for several others, they might not want their breasts to be touched at all.

Always remember to be open and let your partner know what and how you feel. This is a journey about both of you. Always remember that there is more to physical intimacy too rather than only indulging in sexual intercourse.

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