Ways to Reduce and Calm Your Anxiety Level

Anxiety or worry is not a good sign of health. To remain healthy one must keep away from anxiety and fretfulness. Anxiety affects the blood pressure which is not at all good for health.

There are millions of people who suffer from anxiety. You must learn to control your nervousness but it cannot be done overnight. There are ways to control anxiety and you must incorporate it in your life. If you suffer from nervousness quite often then you require instant relief. Hence, try the ways which are mentioned below to get relief from anxiety.


  1. Learn to manage your breathing

Anxiety is often connected to bad breathing behavior. People who suffer from nervousness suffer from bad breathing behavior. Try taking deep breaths. Hold your breath for a moment after you breathe in then release the air out gradually. Breathe slowly and tenderly through the nose for about 7 seconds and hold the breath for at least 4 seconds. Continue doing this for at least 10 minutes. You can do this exercise at any time of the day or night.


  1. Converse to someone

To reduce anxieties distract your attention by talking to someone friendly. Keep your mind away from the issue which is causing you nervousness. Avoid thinking about the issue which is worrying you. The best way is to talk to your friend whom you trust and like. You can talk to your friend on the phone. Talking to people whom you like boosts your confidence and relaxes your mind.


  1. Do some aerobics

Try doing exercises to reduce the level of anxiety. Workouts reduce the anxiety level. Exercise burns stress hormones which creates anxiety symptoms. It also reduces energy and nervousness. Exercise endorses better breathing and helps in healthy distraction. Go for a walk as it helps in decreasing the severity of the nervousness symptoms.


  1. Try to relax

Do things which relax you. You know better what things relaxes you most, so go for those things which will cool your nerves. If you love music then put on your earphones and start listening to songs. The main idea is to distance yourself from the issue which is disturbing you. Try to throw the disturbing issue out of your mind. Do all such activities which will relax you. Have a bath or a shower or go for a massage.


  1. Drink Kava

Kava is an anti-anxiety herb that removes anxiety very effectively and also helps in controlling nervousness in a natural manner. Kava produces superior levels of relaxation in a very effective way. It has a very good taste and you will enjoy drinking it. It is very good for health.


  1. Keep your mind off from negative thoughts

Anxiety creeps in due to negative thinking. Think positive and keep negative thoughts away. If at all negative thoughts creep in your mind then immediately dispel it by thinking something positive. Think well and keep away from bad thoughts. Instill this habit in your personality.

Remember, do not blow any issue out of proportion. Keep your mind relaxed always. It is better to talk less with other persons otherwise difference of opinion will happen. This creates anxiety and worry. Do not quarrel or argue with others. This disturbs the mind and negative feelings start creeping in the mind.

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