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Constipation – Consuming this Desi Ingredient Can help you Get Rid of The Problem

Lifestyle and food choice is a prominent reason for constipation. You also might suffer from constipation because of some medical conditions. If you are experiencing these three symptoms then it seems that you are suffering from constipation. If your stool is hard and you feel difficulty when it passes, you feel like defecating and are

Know about Ageing and Sexual Health

Do Not Let Stress Interfere With Your Relationship

You spend more than eight hours at your workplace. You need to tackle strict deadlines, ensure that the needs of your clients, customers and colleagues are met in the best possible way. This makes clear sense that when you return home at the end of the day you have tons of frustration and craziness to

Signs to ensure you are with the right one

Some Productive Points to Prepare Before Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is meant to be enjoyed in full. If you fail to keep up with a good health then all the charm and glamour of your honeymoon will be ruined. Certainly, you do want to have the most excellent and thrilling honeymoon. Hence, to achieve that you need a bit of preparation. To have an

Lifestyle Changes That You Ought to Make for Better Sex Life

No one wants to get spent sooner while having great time in bed. In order to increase sexual stamina,  people try all possible tactics – from watching provocative movies to taking Viagra pills – but the truth is that the secret of fabulous performance in bed lies in way simpler things. There are certain routine

Ayurveda lifestyle

The word ayurveda is combination of two words “ayu” and “veda”. “ayu” means life and “veda” means text. So text which deals with each and every aspect of life is ayurveda. Most of people think ayurveda is medicine but it is life style. In ayurvedic you can find each and every question related to life it may be