Why Respect Is Considered A Vital Factor To Continue A Healthy Relationship?

Let’s start with the simple question, that is, why do people get into a relationship or choose to be with each other? The most rational answer would obviously be, ‘love’. But when you start living together as a couple, there are so many things you start to discover about the other person. Apart from love, there are other things then that would mater to keep your bond intact. “Respect” is one of them too.

There are so many couples who do believe that for sure love could be the first thing to draw a couple together but not the only lasting thing to nurture your relationship. It could be the chief building block, but to make the relationship work better and better each day, you need to ensure that you have ‘Respect’ for one another.


Why is respect such essential criteria to keep your relationship last forever? Here are a few essential reasons that you need to ponder:


You start to accept the bad and see through the good

When you love someone deeply, you are ready to accept both their good and the bad. You simply cannot set aside your partner's flaws and expect them not to have any weakness. That’s not how respect works!

When you start respecting the person you love, you will also accept their flaws which come with the relationship. You have to live the bitter and sweet days, the good and the dad ones too. When you accept this, you will start to adjust to each other’s system. You will start to compromise also with time so that you both can live happily. Hence along with love, respect will work as fuel so that the relationship lasts and keep moving at a stable pace.


When you respect your partner, you understand the value of patience towards your better half

It gets a bit tough to be patient in a relationship when you are already adapted to the flaws of your partner. There could be moments when you would feel that you have put more into your relationship than your partner. You would hence convert those thoughts into words when you guys have a conflict.

But with time, when you have respect for your partner, you would start being more patient with your partner. Not only with your better half, but you would also try to calm and be patient with yourself too. This way you would realize that none of you are perfect. This is how you start to get patient with time and deal with unexpected situations n a much productive way.


You get highly tolerant when you have respect in a relationship

Ask married couples and how their relationship lasted for long; they would come up with the word respect more often rather than love!

You have to understand this clearly that love does have a tendency to fade away gradually. With time both the partners change and they get more comfortable in each other’s skin. A few attitudes and things which you would do for your partner during the dating period would not probably happen often. But this should not change your feelings for each other. This would again happen when you both have respect for each other. This way you are ready to embrace the harsh realities of your partner and still, you would be willing to stick together. You try to work on ways to make things better between the two of you.

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