Which Treatment Is Better For Sex Problems: Ayurveda Or Homeopathy Or Allopathy?

There is no doubt that sexual / sex problems like PE, ED, Impotency especially amongst men are getting highly common nowadays. It has become an emotional burden on so many partners and they feel embarrassed to discuss this issue with their family and friends.

“Some other day, not today!”

If this sentence is something that is becoming commonly heard inside the bedroom between couples, then it is something to worry about! If one of the partners is starting to lose interest in sexual encounters with their partner, then the prime reason could be due to low libido. This will not only affect one’s sexual life but overall tarnish the relationship as time proceeds.

Many argue and wonder what is better in this matter. Should one opt for allopathy, opt for Ayurveda treatment, or to go for homeopathy medication. But all in it is a personal choice and the main concern here should to cure the related sexual problem first and foremost.

However, there is no doubt about the advancement in the area of Ayurveda medicine and how it has been effective in healing issues such as infertility, premature ejaculation, ED, and several others. With time it has been proven how Ayurvedic treatment and its herbs have helped so many people across the globe to recover from sexual related problems.

You might have to stay regular with the treatment, and it might take some time for the cure to completely work on you, but you need to stay firmly in the treatment process. You can close your eyes and opt for Ayurvedic treatment in case you notice that your libido or sexual health is starting to depreciate.

Herbs that will help to increase your libido and overcome sex problems.

  • Ashwagandha

For men suffering from issues like erectile dysfunction which is sadly getting more common in the present day, Ashwagandha works like a miracle herb. Not only has it worked productively for men, but it has also helped women boost sexual energy. Usually, it takes about 8 weeks for the herb to fully set in and work for your body and provide you with complete sexual contentment. However as for the dosage, please take it as per the advice of your Ayurvedic care specialist.

  • Shilajit

This is quite a renowned herb that has worked impressively for one to elongate sexual session. Research also had stated that it works towards growing testosterone levels in men. It improves the quality as well as sperm count.

  • Shatavari

If your libido has been hibernating and not returned for long, then you need to start taking this herb. Not only has it been known to improve one's sex drive but also helps you to enjoy the session in a prolonged way.

Make sure that you do visit your sex specialist at the earliest possible time. One of the commonly found reasons behind low sex drive in both men and women is leading a stressful life. With chronic stress as per research, there is depreciation in sexual arousal. Hence the need and drive to feel attracted to your partner will automatically get low. If you wish to kick start your sexual life with your partner then visit an ayurvedic expert for advice and herbs that you must start immediately.

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