Scientifically proven Health Benefits of Crying

Why and when people cry is difficult to say. Some people may cry while watching romantic or sad scenes from movies. Some cry when there is a loss of someone in their life. In general, people cry when there is an emotional outburst. If you will tell any person that crying is good for your health. He might laugh at first but after 10 seconds will nod with consent. Those who have cried know that it reduces the emotional burden. Hence it subdues your pain. Crying relieves your stress and it is not the only one among many health benefits of crying. There are several other health benefits of crying. We will find out in the following paragraph.

Crying is a stress buster.

There are many problems in our life. Some problems create situations where you feel like giving up. The burden of those moments are heavy. Crying can help you release those unnecessary burdens. It doesn't turn the table into your favor but crying helps you release the stress for the time being.

Crying intensifies your mood in a positive way.

Crying alone is a mood enhancer. The variation of oxytocin levels plays an important role in increasing calmness and a sense of well being. As I said in the above paragraph it reduces your stress level. So naturally you will feel calm after crying. The calmness will help you improve your mood.

Crying reduces your physical pain.

If you get hurt physically to an extent that you feel like crying. In such a situation you should not hold your tears back. It won't show you as a weak person rather crying will reduce physical pain. Hormones Opioid gets released during crying. It increases the tolerance level of pain in humans.

Your relationship strengthens with crying.

You don't always cry in front of anyone. When you cry, other people see you as vulnerable. You get sympathy. Words never portray the emotion that reflects during crying. The connection with your family, friends, and loved ones gets deeper.

Crying helps you in grief.

If you are in grief because of the sudden demise of a loved one or you had a hard time in a relationship. Crying can help you recover from grief. It is not that you will be completely fine after crying. But in due time you will recover slowly from grief. In other words you can say that crying is one fastest method to move on.

Tears of joy and tears of relief is part of life. Moments like getting yes to the marriage proposal, becoming parents are the moments that can bring tears of joy. Life is full of struggle so tears of relief are always there with you to give you a sense of relief. What I mean is if you cry it is not a sign of weakness. But, crying over some problems will not bring solution. I can't say that you need to find the situation when to cry but I would say that if you feel like crying then don't hold back tears.


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