How vitamin C / Citric fruits boosts Immunity?

Citrus fruits are not only good on taste but they are good for your health also. Fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit are citrus fruits. For more on the name of  citrus fruit you can check the List of citrus fruits on wikipedia. Here in this article we are going to talk about the immense health benefits of these fruits.

Citrus fruit primarily originated in Southeast asia and from there it spread other parts of the world. Now around the world citrus fruits are produced and from total production of fruits a good percentage of fruits is used to obtain juice. Citrus fruits have a good amount of Vitamin C and other minerals. The consumption of Vitamin C depends on the age of the person. An adult man and women need to consume daily 90 mg to 75 mg of Vitamin C respectively.

Citrus fruits are a good source of fiber.

Fiber improves the digestive system and also helps in weight loss. You can achieve a daily quota of 12% fiber from a medium size orange. Fiber regulates insulin hence the glucose level in blood is always in control. Orange contains soluble fiber. It reduces blood cholesterol and also reduces belly fat. Citrus fruits are diet friendly and have less calories so including them in your diet when you want to lose weight is a good idea.

Citrus fruits are potassium rich.

Potassium is good for the heart and also helps in maintaining muscle mass. Eating citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit reduces the chance of heart stroke by significant margin. It also lowers blood pressure.

Citrus food prevents dehydration.

Hydration is one of the major things for a healthy body. Drinking water does help in hydrating the body but it is essential to intake food that contains water. Most citrus fruits contain high water. One of the additional benefits of eating water containing food is that they are low on calories.

Citrus fruit boosts immunity.

Vitamin C is vital to boost the immune system. In today’s Covid-19 time people have started taking supplements of Vitamin C. A strong immune system works as a shield to many diseases including Corona. Now you must have understood what immunity means and why we need to keep our immune system strong.

A medium size grapefruit can provide you 64% of daily intake of Vitamin C. This is just one fruit. You have a variety of other Citrus fruits that you can include in your diet without any fuss. Studies have shown that Vitamin C helps people recover quickly from common cold.

I would like to mention one food Indian gooseberry popular as Amla. You can understand how good Amla is for the immune system by the fact that Amla has 20% higher vitamin C than oranges. There are many health benefits of eating amla.

Vitamin C is not only an immune booster but it is good for your skin also. The wrinkles and dry skin is not going to be an issue to those who eat Citrus fruit that is high on Vitamin C.

One demerit of drinking packaged Citrus juice is that not all juice in the market is healthy. Most of the packaged juices that boast of containing citrus fruit also contain sugar. Drinking such packaged juice will also add calories. It is better to eat citrus fruits. If you don’t like to chew fruits then it would be best to drink juice that you made in juicer at your home.

adminHow vitamin C / Citric fruits boosts Immunity?

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