Things to Know About During and After Pregnancy

We all know how essential sex is and that it forms an important part of marriage and partnership. However, will everything change after you get pregnant?

There are so many women who wonder whether sex would be the same during pregnancy. Or would it be a safe thing for the baby? But to ease your level of stress, we are answering a few very sought after questions that usually crops up in a woman’s mind.


Would it be a safe thing to have sex when you are pregnant or expecting?

You need not worry much because in the very first trimester to the last bit, you can be at ease. There is nothing to worry much about, and you can at ease have intercourse with your partner. It was stated by Dr. Peter Koll that the fetus is quite safe as it is secured inside the amniotic sac which is filled with fluid. This is what helps to keep the fetus safe. It acts as a shock absorber. The entrance of the cervix is protected and sealed with the mucus plug all through one's pregnancy. This is why in case there is an accident that takes place unknowingly; you do not have to worry much.

The sperm will not cause any inconvenience to the baby. However, if he has any disease or STD then you need to be extra cautious.


Will you get early labor due to frequent sex?

Prostaglandins are a substance that is present in sperm. This is a fact is useful for relaxing tissues. Also with orgasm oxytocin is released. This is a hormone that gives one the feel-good vibe. In case you are overdue, then it is possible that sex would help the labor to come quick. Yet in no way would it cause any harm. But if you feel that your water has broken, then it would be safe to not have sex.


Now we shall discuss things you need to pay attention towards post-pregnancy:

  • Never should one feel rushed

It is not necessary that every woman would feel fine and want to start having sex post six weeks of having their baby. It is always good to go ahead and talk to your partner about any kind of fear that you have, post the birth. One needs to realize the fact that for several mothers postpartum sex is not very easy and normal. It would take time and many mothers do feel the urge to stay remote while for others within six weeks time span, things get back to normal. Hence, it depends from woman to woman. Thus, having a talk and understand with your partner would be quite helpful at this stage.

  • Lubricate

At times post-pregnancy several women might notice that they experience vaginal dryness. This will surely start making sex quite uncomfortable and a bit painful too. This is why always make sure that you are prepared for it.

  • Contraception

Always understand the fact that breastfeeding is not a contraceptive. This why always stay well planned and now what solution to resort to.

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